LogiMAT 2016: Smart technologies from Swisslog

March 07, 2016 by Kirsty Adams
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LogiMAT 2016: Smart technologies from Swisslog

Visitors to LogiMAT 2016 are this week experiencing first-hand the innovative strength of intralogistics specialist Swisslog.

Industry 4.0 and new technologies based on this concept have opened up the perspective of forward-looking companies. Only those who actively shape the transition from manual to automated and networked intralogistics effectively and efficiently, will remain competitive in the long run.

Swisslog’s booth at LogiMAT features a large, dynamic exhibit that demonstrates the possibilities of innovative systems networking. The exhibit unites familiar light goods technologies such as CarryPick and AutoStore with new developments and advances, including a fully automated picking station and Swisslog’s new high-performance shuttle system.

In response to challenges faced by the retail, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage industries, Swisslog has developed a new shuttle technology that offers outstanding performance, flexibility and reliability. Representing the latest generation of shuttle systems, this technology is a natural part of a smart logistics solution that relies on the intelligent “autonomy” of material flow control.

Swisslog is presenting its ground-breaking solution for state-of-the-art light goods handling, Automated Item Pick (AIP). This fully automated picking station teams humans with robots, enabling direct cooperation between man and machine, with no safety fences required. The core component of this solution is KUKA’s highly sensitive LBR iiwa lightweight robot. AIP intelligently complements the AutoStore and CarryPick light goods systems from Swisslog and delivers accelerated and significantly improved picking performance.




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