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Linde launches new range of tow tractors

Linde launches new range of tow tractors

Linde Material Handling is launching a new product family of tractors and platform trucks onto the market. In addition to a six-tonne tractor, the forklift manufacturer also offers an eight-tonne version in order to open up more market segments.

Another extension to the product range is the Linde W08 load transporter with the ability to carry 800kg on the platform and a 7t towing power.

With state-of-the-art technology, all of the tractors have car-like ergonomics and three different driving modes, an automatic holding and parking brake, sprung and de-coupled wheel attachments, the Linde Curve Assist, lateral battery change, and a wide range of options to meet requirements of any application.

Typical areas where Linde P60 to P80 tractors are used include both production halls and external areas of industrial companies and airports. The equipment is also being increasingly used as towing trucks for load trains.

The towing power of 6-8t allows operation on the slopes or loading ramps and, thanks to the high level of ground clearance, effortlessly overcomes obstacles such as rails, beams or potholes. In this process, the de-coupled and sprung wheel attachment absorbs vibrations caused by uneven ground on all three wheels and therefore ensures pleasant working and flexible uses for the equipment. The sprung elements are additionally reinforced on the rear axle of the load transporter to cope with the loads transported on the platform.  

Tractors and load transporters are driven by a maintenance-free enclosed 4.5kW AC motor, which accelerates the devices to a maximum speed of up to 20km/h.

Three different performance modes (Performance, Efficiency and Economy) now also allow the operator to choose between maximum handling performance and the most economical energy consumption within this equipment class. The driver can use the ECO button on the display to switch from Performance or Efficiency mode to Economy mode at any time in order to save energy and extend the remaining battery runtime. This is particularly beneficial if the task to be achieved does not demand high speeds and acceleration.

The battery discharge status can be seen on the digital interactive display. Battery capacities from 240 to 375Ah offer optimum solution for wide range of applications. In combination with the three performance modes it means operator/customer can tailor the truck to suit load throughput and battery uptime requirements and optimise the costs.

Comfortable cab

The new product line also offers noticeable improvements in terms of ergonomics. The operator can easily access the seat from both sides using wide access opening, non-slip steps and smoothly curved profiles.

Once on the seat, the operator will find intuitive control elements arranged in the same way as in a car, as well as generous spaces for storing documents and personal items to make work more efficient. There are two options to start the truck, either with the key switch or PIN code access both available as a no-cost option. This minimises the risk of unauthorised use, which could result in injuries and damage.

The new chassis is 150mm longer than in the previous device, but has the same turning radius. The Linde development engineers have designed the truck to create more leg room for the operator. Multiple adjustments can be made to both the steering column and the sprung seat ensuring optimum setting for individual operator needs.

The new, interactive display with two different menu interfaces provides the operator with important information such as the current battery status, the number of operating hours worked, or the driving speed. It also includes switches such as those for creep speed, ECO mode, or options such as windscreen wipers and lights.

The newly-designed chassis is designed for optimum all-round visibility and maximum stability due to a low centre of gravity, and offers the operator a safe working environment, as well as a free view of the rear coupling, which makes connecting of the attachments easier.

Four independent braking systems also provide even more safety in all driving situations. If the operator takes his foot off the pedal, or if he changes the directional travel, then the truck brakes automatically and produces regenerative energy, which flows into the battery and extend the battery life.

Another important safety feature is the automatic parking brake. It is activated when the pedals are released. This means that the operator can leave the truck at any time, even on a slope, without having to think twice, because the parking brake will only release when the accelerator is pressed again. On slopes, an integrated approach assistant also prevents the truck from rolling back.

In addition, each wheel is equipped with a self-adjusting hydraulic drum brake, which safely slows down the truck and the load being transported. The standard Linde Curve Assist prevents driving too quickly around bends. It reduces the speed depending on the steering angle and therefore contributes to a safe working environment.

The 6mm-thick steel chassis, a CAN bus access for quick error diagnosis and adjustment of the truck parameters, a new, robust drive axle, innovative control technology, extended service intervals or replaceable seat pads make the new series durable and easy to service.  A further innovation is the lateral battery change, which means that a crane system is not needed.  The battery change is carried out quickly and easily via a lateral door on the truck using battery rollers or a pallet truck. If necessary, the battery can also be changed using a crane system as before.

A wide range of optional equipment ensures trucks are tailored to customers needs. These range from different seats, couplings, two lateral creep speed buttons for reduced speed and pedestrian operation, to sun protection, front, roof and rear windows, side doors and full cabs, through to truck lighting and various platform options.

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