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Linde launches new order picker

Linde launches new order picker

Europe’s largest forklift truck manufacturer, Linde Material Handling, has launched a new range of order pickers.

Linde has created eight new models of its N20C low-level picker ranging from 1.2 to 2.5 tons.

The new trucks are designed to be comfortable for operators, safe to use and cost efficient.

Features of the truck, which can reach speeds of 14 km/h, include;

- Ergonomically positioned handles,
- Pneumatically damped stand-on platform to reduce impact,
- Padded backrest,
- Fold-out operator’s seat with sensor for operator recognition,
- Padded knee protection,
- Height-adjustable steering wheel with easy-grip controls,
- LED front headlamps,
- Linde BlueSpot system,
- Front panoramic mirror,
- Protective screens and grids for the mast and load guards.

Linde’s ‘Connect:’ system to monitor fleet status and analytics can also be retrofitted to this range.

The trucks have been designed with operators in mind as Linde has adopted the standard market design which means operators can easily transition between trucks from different manufacturers.

The low entry height of 13cm and wide vehicle access of (42.8 to 41.8 cm) also make it easy to enter and leave the operator’s platform.

To ensure greater safety, Linde engineers have deliberately positioned the display screen showing battery and service updates below the steering wheel to avoid distraction

Additional safety elements of the truck include; a hydraulically assisted braking unit – one of three braking systems, Linde Curve Control to prevent tip-over accidents around corners, and bumpers which can be added to the truck to prevent damage.

There are a range of different design options and the trucks, depending on model, can be ordered with two picking layers, with long load arms and covering forks, a scissor lift function, extended forks of up to 3.1 metres and as a high-performance version for the 2.5-ton model.

These design variants mean operators can reach parts and goods safely up to a height of 2.8 metres.

Batteries power the trucks and are available as both traditional lead-acid and lithium-ion versions and can be changed either vertically or laterally.

Gavin McLeod, Product Manager at Linde Material Handling said: “At Linde, we’ve seen demand for order pickers growing steadily during recent years to accommodate shorter delivery times and seasonal peaks. This has led us to create this new range of trucks specifically designed to make picking more efficient and safer for warehouse workers.”

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