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Linde launches its latest vehicle development, the Linde Trolley Supply Truck

Linde launches its latest vehicle development, the Linde Trolley Supply Truck

Linde Material Handling, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of forklift trucks, has introduced its Trolley Supply Truck, a new vehicle concept for Linde.

The Trolley Supply Truck combines the advantages of a Linde logistics train together with a forklift truck.

At 4 metres long, 1.28 metres wide and 2.36m high, the Trolley Supply Truck is suitable for operating in narrow trucking aisles between production machinery

It requires an aisle width of only 1.88m, including a safety clearance of 30cm.

The new truck is up to 30% more efficient than previous handling methods thanks to a specially designed load unit which takes the form of a bar trolley with steered wheels allowing it to be loaded and unloaded from the side.

Electric powered steering at both the front and rear of the truck ensure directional stability along with the ability to drive in reverse.

The new truck also suits smaller warehouse spaces as it only requires a 2.3-metre-wide space for it to turn, making the truck a more agile and compact option requiring less space than a forklift.

These features result in less disruption to traffic flows, a lower risk of accidents alongside higher productivity all leading to reduced materials handling costs.

Linde’s Trolley Supply Truck compliments the Linde logistics train by offering further optimisation in the transport of loads over short and medium distances.

Ralf Knaut, project manager special solutions at Linde Material Handling, said: “Many of our customers have already implemented forklift truck-free production supply via tugger or logistics trains. However, existing factory layouts cannot always be adapted to the requirements of tugger train solutions.

“It was clear we needed an additional option, which is why we created a Trolley Supply Truck prototype and presented this at the World of Material Handling customer event.

“The feedback from customers was extremely positive with users remarking on the safety benefits, and excellent operator visibility compared to single vehicles. They also noticed the reduced traffic volume and lower accident risk, as two pallets or trolleys can be transported simultaneously.

“At Linde, it is important that we’re constantly innovating to meet our customer’s needs, including creating products such as the new Trolley Supply Truck to adapt to the changing work environments our customers face.”

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