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Linde Approved for Standby Power

Linde Approved for Standby Power

Linde has supported Standby Power Ltd's business by supplying two fork lift trucks from its Linde Approved fleet of used machines.

Standby Power is a small company based in Ashford, Middlesex specialising in uninterruptable portable power supplies across the region to industries including petrochemical, offshore, special events/entertainment, hospitals and construction.

Moving and positioning high value goods such as these requires reliable, manoeuvrable equipment. In the past, forklifts were hired as and when required and delivered directly to the site in which they were needed.

As the business grew, it became apparent that a more permanent solution was needed. So Bob Bendle, Director of Standby Power, turned to Linde Approved.

“Upon visiting the Linde Approved workshop, my doubts on buying an Approved truck were alleviated as soon as I saw the refurbishment process. The vast array of trucks available refurbished to such a high standard was impressive.”

Bob took up the offer of a Linde Approved ‘Test Drive’ at his site which secured his decision to purchase not one, but two trucks.

Now rather than hiring trucks to site, they can be loaded onto the lorry and taken with them. The manoeuvrability and compactness of the E 12 electric counterbalance truck enables the lorry to be loaded not only with the generators, but the truck too, meaning that once on site, the lorry can be unloaded immediately and loads positioned without waiting for third party assistance.

Since his purchase, the electric counterbalance and pallet truck have subsequently been joined by the latest purchase of a Linde Approved pallet stacker.

“If we ever need another truck,” concluded Bob, “our first port of call will be Linde Approved. I have already recommended Linde Approved to friends requiring this type of equipment.

“Linde Approved has helped my business greatly.”

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