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Lights, camera, BT Reflex TLC in action!

Lights, camera, BT Reflex TLC in action!

Toyota Material Handling UK has released a new video to demonstrate the unique shock-reducing benefits of the TLC function fitted as standard to the BT Reflex E/R series reach truck.

The video shows plastic bottles balanced on the forks of the reach truck. The bottles are then effortlessly lifted and lowered thanks to the truck's TLC function. The Transitional Lift Control (TLC) is a unique system on BT Reflex reach trucks for load lifting that ensures that transition between lift stages is smooth and shock-less.

The video was filmed earlier this year at the Toyota Leicester depot. The idea was taken from a demonstration at IMHX in March. The IMHX Toyota stand included live demonstration areas that showed Toyota’s range of trucks working in applications from unloading/loading to horizontal transport.

To showcase TLC within the demonstration, the plastic bottles were introduced. The stand team then spent the next few days challenging themselves by increasing the amount of bottles balanced on the forks. Ann Rowley, senior training instructor and part of the IMHX stand team was thrilled when asked to take part in the video, and can be seen operating the truck in the video.

Mark Ogden, warehouse product manager, explains: "We think using plastic bottles in the video is a fun and accessible way to show our customers the benefits of TLC. You witness first-hand how easy the bottles are blown off, yet they stay stable even when they are lifted 11m in the air. In real life, pallets will be filled with important assets and the video shows how much care the BT Reflex reach truck provides."

Mark Ogden adds: "At Toyota, we pride ourselves on our innovation, and feel unique product demonstrations match the unique features of our trucks."

TLC is a complete re-think of the way that the hydraulic system is controlled. Rather than depending on the differential pressure in the stages of the lifting systems, the process is controlled by electronic valves. This results in higher productivity and safer load handling, a clear and unique commercial advantage.

The lift speed is increased, yet up to 25% less energy is required as the lift motor is running at a constant high speed.

The BT Reflex reach truck demonstrating Transitional Lift Control (TLC) in action is now live on YouTube. Toyota hopes by using video companies will develop a better understanding of the Toyota product range and the benefits the products can bring to their material handling operation.  

Watch this and further videos on the Toyota Material Handling UK YouTube channel:


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