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LED lighting helps Bidvest Foodservice make operational areas safer

LED lighting helps Bidvest Foodservice make operational areas safer

Investment in Zeta Specialist Lighting’s environmentally-friendly, energy- and cost-efficient LED technology as part of a strategy to improve external lighting across twenty sites nationwide, has enabled Bidvest Foodservice to improve the working environment for its night-shift operators.

Bidvest Foodservice was clear in its objectives: the new external lighting solution had to meet a tightly defined set of criteria: make operational areas safer, reduce energy consumption, lower the company’s environmental impact and lessen the load in terms of maintenance.

Zeta recommended its LED Flood Light, a long lasting (typical lifetime is 40,000 hours), low power alternative to halogen and sodium flood lighting. The LED and solar lighting specialist also created a bespoke lighting design for each site, structured so that optimum illumination was achieved in all outside areas including existing dark areas. Electrical contractor Ormiston Electrical Services was commissioned to professionally manage the installation in each location.

Zeta’s LED solution, which typically reduces energy consumption by 65%, delivers both the improved quality of light and longevity Bidvest Foodservice required for worker comfort and safety, along with significant energy savings and an overall reduction in CO2 emissions.

The business case to replace the legacy energy-intensive external lighting across all sites with Zeta’s LED Flood Lights was a compelling one. The savings across energy consumption, environmental impact and maintenance costs kick in from day one, and Bidvest Foodservice is set to secure a strong return on investment within the first year.
Maintaining the lighting at all sites previously presented Bidvest Foodservice with a number of logistical issues. With Zeta’s LED solution, the company no longer has to factor in the time and costs associated with maintenance, the LED Flood Lights are long-lasting and come with a five-year guarantee, making them virtually maintenance-free.

Kevin Kinghorn, facilities manager, Bidvest Foodservice said: “The bulk of our work is conducted overnight and so the lighting within each site’s large yard has to be first class. Equipping our staff with the tools they need to do their jobs and ensuring their security and safety is really important to us and Zeta’s solution delivered on all counts.

“We could also see the additional benefits right from the outset, half-hourly meter readings clearly demonstrated significantly lower energy consumption which translates into impressive cost and carbon savings.”

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