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Latest e-fulfilment solutions at WTG event

Latest e-fulfilment solutions at WTG event

Visitors to the Warehouse Technology Group’s (WTG) latest live event will hear a range of presentations from high profile speakers on the subject of ‘managing your warehouse to keep pace with the new world of e-tailing’.

The event, which takes place on 15th June at the WTG’s Logistics Research and Innovation Centre (LRIC) in Manchester, will also feature demonstrations of leading-edge intralogistics solutions that are designed to help today’s warehouse operator to manage stock more efficiently and improve overall operational responsiveness.

For example, visitors to the WTG event will be able to see how the extensive range of intralogistics solutions designed and built by Narrow Aisle contribute to the safe and efficient operation of e-fulfilment centres.

Narrow Aisle’s Flexi range of articulated warehouse lift trucks are designed to operate comfortably and safely within storage aisles where customer order picking activity is being carried out.

This is an important consideration for fulfilment centre operators as the ability to quickly and accurately collate picked goods has a direct link to system efficiency, lower operating costs and customer satisfaction.

At sites where a high degree of ground level order picking is required, it is important that forklifts and order pickers can work alongside each other efficiently and safely.

However, there is growing concern that some traditional very narrow aisle materials handling products can compromise both picking efficiency and health and safety at sites where low level order picking is carried out.

But, Narrow Aisle says its Flexi trucks are perfectly suited to working alongside order picking staff without creating a health and safety issue. As a result, low level order picking personnel can work at ground level in the same aisle as Flexis safely and efficiently. This means that operators do not have to be separated from the trucks in the way that HSE rules require them to be at those facilities where guided VNA truck systems operate.

WTG is a collaboration of around 20 market leading companies involved in the manufacture and supply of specialist equipment to the warehousing and logistics industry and was established to provide an insight into the latest technology available to companies operating warehouses and distribution centres, as well a unique system testing and operator training facility.

The 15th June event is open to all companies active in the supply chain sector to attend, and further information is available from Joanne Wilson on 0121 521 5112 or via email at [email protected].

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