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Krone launch Box Liner at Multi Modal show

Krone launch Box Liner at Multi Modal show

Krone are presenting a new container carrier at the Multi Modal Show which, says the company, offers greater versatility and easy handling for container carrier operators in the UK and Ireland.

The ‘Box Liner’ skeletal trailer is manufactured by Krone in Europe and was designed in Germany with close involvement from the Krone UK sales team to ensure compatibility with the UK and Irish market.

According to Krone, the new trailer combines features which have been tried and tested over several decades with the latest KTL paint application process. The result is a no-nonsense specification, built for loading flexibility, asset management control and a long working life.
For example, the sliding chassis is quickly and easily adjusted to carry any standard sized dry freight or tank container and its no-frills specification ensures easy and fast operation for tough, pick-up-and-drop container work.

Operators can also specify the new Box Liner with Krone’s own telematics technology: A standard telematics package enabling remote tyre pressure monitoring, mileage recording for maintenance intervals, empty or reduced load detection, braking system status and trailer location. Additionally, an automatic notification can be given, to alert regarding ABS or EBS malfunctions and a further alert made to the customer if any remedial work has not been carried out within a given time frame.

Krone brings easier loading and greater volume in Ray Moran’s 20th year

Ray Moran International Transport, the Co. Wexford-based groupage and pharma transport specialist reports easier loading and additional capacity since adding a further 10 Krone trailers to its fleet.

Now in its 20th year Ray Moran, incorporating Moran and Boxwell International, runs a multi-national haulage operation via all major Irish and UK sea ports throughout Europe, including Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Spain.

“We started with one Krone trailer to see how things were” says Ray Moran, “and soon realised that the combination of build quality and loading flexibility were good reasons to add some more. Accordingly, we now have one Cool Liner ‘Duoplex’ refrigerated trailer, 4 Dry Liner box trailers and 5 Profi Liner curtainsiders. All of which come into their own for specific aspects of our operation.”

The Cool Liner, manufactured at Krone’s Lubtheen plant in Germany, is fitted with Krone’s new ISOWALL moveable bulkhead, which is ideal for mixed temperature loads.

A newly designed balancer system combined with a locking lever positioned at the top of the bulkhead, makes the ISOWALL easy to open, close and slide along the trailer. Also, due to the vertical movement of the bulkhead when opening and closing, no additional components are required for vacuum ventilation.

Furthermore, when stowed to the roof, magnets hold the bulkhead in place, so there is no requirement for secondary locking or risk of fork lift obstruction.

“Plus” said Moran, “when in use, the ISOWALL can be positioned hard-up against the load for added security and better use of load space. It’s lightweight and very easy to move along the trailer.”

The Dry Liners, meanwhile, are manufactured at Krone’s Herzlake factory in Germany and are designed to work in both the UK and European markets: The slim, 100mm neck affords additional load volume and with a fifth wheel height of 1,250mm, a total height of 4,000mm allows an internal height of 2,615mm.

“These box trailers are lighter and give us greater internal height,” he added. “34 Europallets is no problem and the strong construction is an asset when transporting high value and sensitive loads.”

“For fast and flexible loading” continued Moran. “The Profi Liners are built for the job. Easy to open and close and with the strapping points all the way along each side rave, we can position mixed loads securely anywhere along the trailer bed. Also, the drivers can get to the straps from the inside, which is a plus for comfort and safety.”

Each of the Krone trailers is built to European Code XL (en12642xl) standard which, says Ray Moran, is an important quality badge for their customers throughout the continent.

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