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Kite Packaging introduces raft of new developments

Kite Packaging introduces raft of new developments

Employee-owned packaging distribution group, Kite Packaging Ltd, has announced the arrival of its business envelopes and vibrant, metallic bubble lined envelopes. The latest additions are designed for a wide array of industries with their cost-effective compositions proving highly successful for protecting their contents.

Each of the designs provides packaging solutions for opposite ends of the spectrum. The kaleidoscopic, metallic bubble envelopes are sure to stand out in the post, leaving a lasting impression on clientele and making it ideal for the gift industry.

Their bubble linings ensure the ultimate cushioning solution for maximum postal protection and the vibrant collection is available in four colours; gold, silver, red and black. The cost-effective business envelopes are an ever-popular choice in the everyday business world and a useful postal agent in the busy home.

They offer the ideal packaging solution for a range of documents and are available in brown and white with three different sizes to choose from. Their classic wallet style design means they are able to secure and protect documents with ease.

Kite’s product team has been focused on offering consolidated ranges which cater for a number of different industries, covering all their postal needs. These new products are another move in the right direction for Kite, who is continuously adding to their range.

Carton sealing machines

With their efficiency boosting dynamics, the machines are designed to automate the pick, pack and despatch process – enabling the increasing of operational speed for a wide range of companies.

Kite has a reputation for continuously looking to innovate with the range they offer, in a way that redefines traditional packing and accommodates the fast-evolving working environment. These machines are the perfect addition to busy packing areas in a world where automation is becoming a key factor alongside the growth of e-commerce.

These latest additions to Kite’s vast product range are sure to set the bar high in warehouse operations due to their highly advantageous features and cutting-edge design. The range consists of four diverse carton sealers which are programmed to seal the top and bottom of boxes, thus safely , consistently and quickly securing their contents.

Rubber Bands and new Postal Tubes

The rubber bands are comprised of high latex content meaning they are ideal for binding and storing a range of items and can be used a number amount of times. There are six available sizes which cater for a variety of products, whether it’s using the smaller sizes to bind documents or using the larger, heavier duty bands to bind bulkier items.

One product that in particular rubber bands work well with is round postal tubes, as they are ideal for collating them together to prevent them from separating.

Kite has extended this ever popular postal tube range by developing an additional three sizes, one of which complies with Royal Mail’s large letter requirements.

These new additions will help businesses secure and protect a larger variety of their stock in storage and transit. Kite is very quickly accommodating the demand of the fast-paced e-commerce industry, constantly introducing new products to make business packaging clear cut.


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