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Kite Packaging drive efficiency with warehouse storage solutions

Kite Packaging drive efficiency with warehouse storage solutions

Employee-owned business, Kite Packaging, has launched its exclusive corrugated storage bins in order to drive efficient storage management.

The innovative packaging company has been developing packaging solutions since 2001.

The new corrugated storage bins launched by Kite, are sure to give many companies food for thought, as a clear, systematic storage structure lays the foundations for efficient business practice.

Each box is designed to make the organisation process simple and clear-cut. Produced from corrugated carton, the boxes have been manufactured to securely hold the large scope of warehouse and distribution stock.

Ensuring the new product range covers all the different sized storage areas, Kite Packaging offer the range in two different heights and 6 variations of lengths and widths.

Gift packaging

Their latest range expansion is the addition of wood wool to their gift packaging. They supply a wide range of products for the industry, from coloured void fill, tissue paper, white and brown postal boxes, circular labels and wood wool, as well as a lot more.

Perfect for presentation, Kite’s range of wood wool is a bio-degradable, environmentally friendly solution that does not cost the earth. Commonly used where presentation is important, Kite’s light shredded timber based wood wool is used for bottle packaging, giftware packaging, product display and gift & hamper packaging.

As well as looking extremely presentable, it is perceived as a high-end finish and it is extremely well known for protecting items and acts as a great void fill for products such as antiques, glass, crockery and much more.

Air Shock range

Kite Packaging has also revamped its dynamic Air Shock Range in order to cater for a wider range of products. The revamp includes big price reductions making the Air Shock range amongst the most competitive in the market.

When it comes to the world of online, millions of customers are putting their trust in companies widespread to deliver their purchased products safely and securely. The packing process is a pivotal part of ‘business to business’ sales, as a well packaged product avoids the damaging of goods, thus driving customer satisfaction and helping to maintain the brand reputation of a business.

Employee-owned business, Kite Packaging, is taking protective packaging solutions to the next level with the expansion of its highly effective Air Shock range. With a further developed, more extensive range of protective air products, the packaging innovators are providing businesses with a cost-effective solution – one in which they can pack their stock in high quality, reliable material.

Kite has designed the Air Shock range to suit a variety of industries, catering for a large number of products across the UK such as pharmaceuticals, electronics and ceramics. Its highly beneficial features are it is ultra-lightweight, it offers excellent shock absorption and is easy-to-handle. The environmentally friendly nature of the products is also a key asset, as each one can be deflated after use to be recycled.  The price competitive range is designed to accommodate products such as ceramics and electronics as well as any other item that fits within the cushioning’s distinguished dimensions.

The transparent pouches contain no harsh chemicals or toxic residue, making them an ideal hygienic and presentable alternative for the drinks and pharmaceutical industries. Each cushioning device is equipped with a pre-inserted valve to aid speed and simplicity of inflation for workers and Kite has now also introduced its latest, low cost Small Compressor, a system that enables businesses to inflate Air Shock products in-house with ease and without taking up too much space.

Innovative shredders

Kite Packaging, has brought its new cardboard recycling shredders to market – offering an environmentally friendly alternative for businesses using packaging void fill products.

As an alternative to purchasing traditional void fill products, companies can now use Kite’s innovative Shredding Machines to turn their waste cardboard into useful packaging material for protection and void fill purposes.

As a leading Packaging Supplier, Kite understands the need to package products safely and securely, ensuring that products arrive at their destination in the exact same condition in which they were despatched.

This new product range can be used in any warehouse, packing and despatch department to improve efficiency and make better use of valuable operational space by eliminating the need for continuous purchasing and storage of traditional void fill products.

The machines enable the efficient slicing of surplus cardboard into thin strips, establishing a cost-free, recycled material for filling void space within parcels and one that can also be used in shipping containers for extra protection of their contents.

Any business striving for the ultimate eco-friendly workplace should consider adding one of Kite’s Shredding Machines to the mix. The machines are comprised from 70% sustainable raw materials and 100% renewable energy resources, making them the perfect addition to busy operations utilising an environmentally friendly process.

In order to cover the wide range of storage space that companies have available, the new range includes six models – five free standing and one desktop, portable unit.

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