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Jungheinrich launches compact reach trucks

Jungheinrich launches compact reach trucks

Jungheinrich has launched two new highly compact reach trucks. The Series 1 models ETV 110 and 112 have lift capacities of 1,200kg and are just 1,120mm wide.

Their narrow chassis width means the trucks can operate in aisle widths as narrow as 2,455mm. Field tests have shown that the ETV 110 and 112 trucks consume up to 10% less energy than their predecessors, which Jungheinrich says makes them the most energy-efficient trucks in their class.

The new models also feature a newly developed electric steering system, based on the electric steering fitted as standard in other Jungheinrich reach trucks. This means that when travelling straight ahead, the steering wheel spinner knob is always in the optimum ergonomic position for the operator.

Despite their ultra-compact design, the new reach trucks offer generous operator cab space plus convenient driver access. Important controls are configured so that the driver can operate them without his or her hand leaving the wheel. Pedal layout is the same as in a passenger car. The comfortable seats have different adjustment options for seat height, back support and accommodating body weight.

Other operator-friendly features include a high-quality driver's monitor for displaying the main operating data – such as direction of travel and wheel position while three separately adjustable drive programs make it easy to customise the ETV 110/112 to suit each application’s distinct requirements.

A number of driver assistance systems are available to further enhance operational efficiency. Options include a fork-mounted camera and operator monitor. By viewing the special display, the operator can accurately check payload storage and retrieval even at lift heights of more than 7m.

In addition, to avoid exceeding the lifting capacity of the truck, at the push of a button the driver can check the weight of the load, which is then shown directly on his display to make operating the new trucks even safer.

Jungheinrich’s proprietary Position Control driver assistance system can also be incorporated into the new reach trucks. This feature allows the driver to stack and retrieve quickly and easily at pre-set storage heights. By increasing the speed on the control lever, the system automatically moves the forks to the next pre-set racking level. This makes manually selecting the height a thing of the past and helps further prevent damage to goods and racking.

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