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Jungheinrich launches Call4Service app

Jungheinrich launches Call4Service app

Jungheinrich launches ‘Call4Service’, a new app to allow new and existing customers instant, mobile access to a comprehensive suite of customer service tools.

Supported by Apple, Android and Microsoft, Call4Service is available on any compatible mobile device. Jungheinrich customers can simply download the app and register for access to extensive customer service features at anytime, anywhere, including: equipment history data; multimedia repairs reporting; and the ability to update maintenance requirements.

The intuitive and interactive platform allows enhanced and intelligent repairs reporting directly from the customer’s location. Each of Jungheinrich’s trucks can be fitted with an individual and identifiable QR code, which can then be scanned by a customer’s mobile device allowing them to easily report repairs. Additionally, the app enables customers to instantly upload supporting documents, including images of the truck, preferred dates and times for an engineer to visit, as well as a detailed description of their requirements. Once a customer has filed a repair request they will be able to view automated status updates advising whether the job is open, in progress or complete.

In a fast paced world driven by advancements in technology, Jungheinrich is expanding the way in which its customers can connect and interact with the organisation. The launch of tools akin to the Call4Service app will play a key role in further connecting Jungheinrich’s customer service engineers with its customers to provide a faster and more efficient response.

Steve Shakespeare, Director – Customer Service, Jungheinrich UK, comments: “The introduction of Call4Service represents a new way for our customers to engage with our customer service teams. Jungheinrich wants to ensure its customers are better connected to our engineers. The ability for our customers to instantly report repairs coupled with a detailed description and image uploaded directly from their own mobile device will improve speed and efficiency, ultimately increasing uptime.

“Customers will, of course, still be able to contact Jungheinrich through the traditional methods. However, the use of handheld devices is commonplace amongst our own engineers and customers alike. Call4Service is a direct reflection of Jungheinrich’s continued investment into offering our customers a broad range of options to choose from; responding to the way our customers are currently working, and how they wish to work in future.”

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