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Jungheinrich demonstrates intelligent innovations at CeMAT

Jungheinrich demonstrates intelligent innovations at CeMAT

At CeMAT 2016, taking place this week, Jungheinrich is showcasing numerous innovations and product improvements in the material handling, warehousing and material flow sector.

Under the EXPO Canopy (pavilions 33 and 34 plus the open-air site) visitors can get a first-hand look at how these new technologies are contributing to improved productivity, greater energy efficiency and enhanced safety.

The Jungheinrich theme for CeMAT 2016 is “CONNECTING WITH YOUR BUSINESS” and an entire array of integrated solutions and intelligent assistance systems are being shown and demonstrated. The highlights include the new Jungheinrich easyPILOT remote control system which supports manual order processing performed using ECE horizontal order pickers.

This semi-automatic solution is based on an intuitive remote control device which can be worn on a belt. Simply tapping the remote control sets the truck in motion. In remote mode the vehicle automatically moves in unison with the operator and stops when he taps the remote control or the next picking position has been reached.

This not only frees up the operator’s hands for order picking but also saves time, because he no longer needs to continually climb on and off the truck. Apart from equipping the truck with laser scanners, this solution also includes intelligent integration with the Warehouse Management System.

The Jungheinrich easyPILOT system can further be combined with pick-by-voice systems or – as showcased in the form of a pilot application at the CeMAT 2016 – data glasses, resulting in a substantial improvement in picking performance while simultaneously reducing the level of operator stress.

Safety First

At its “Safety” pavilion Jungheinrich will be showcasing new technologies which improve warehouse safety and help prevent accidents. Visitors to the cluster will be able to do live testing of a rear view camera system with human recognition capability – i.e. linked to an intelligent assistance system which recognises when someone is in the path of the vehicle and alerts the operator accordingly.

Jungheinrich will also be showcasing its new digital solutions for the flexible integration of vehicle fleets. This includes StartSafe – a capability for digitally conducting and documenting a preliminary visual and technology check of the stacker’s functions before starting it up – as well as the expanded Call4Service app.

In addition to viewing the hottest new products at the Jungheinrich stand, CeMAT visitors can also have a look at developments in the pipeline for the beginning of 2017. Jungheinrich is presenting four different application scenarios to highlight a new indoor localisation tool to help pinpoint industrial trucks in the warehouse.

The goal is to provide an easy, state-of-the-art, reasonably priced solution for locating vehicles throughout a warehouse. The advantages of this feature and the resulting transparency for the client are numerous, including rapid identification of a vehicles location, enhanced security and theft protection and vehicle path analysis which can be used to optimise warehouse and transport routes.

New Series 5

Another Jungheinrich highlight at CeMAT 2016 is the new series 5 order picker and tri-lateral stacker. A special test course has been set up for visitors to test the EKX 514-516 narrow-aisle forklift – winner of the 2016 “International Forklift Truck of the Year” (IFOY) award. Here tradeshow visitors can try out the new assistance systems and performance modules for themselves.

A key focus for Jungheinrich is reducing carbon emissions and increasing vehicle productivity through improved battery performance. This Jungheinrich investment area is entering new dimensions with a proprietary lithium-ion battery system for 48 Volt vehicles.

Now this entirely maintenance-free technology can also be applied to reach trucks and counterbalance forklifts. Visitors to the Jungheinrich stand at CeMAT can view a new vehicle fitted with lithium-ion technology: the double deck-capable EMD115i/118 electric pedestrian forklift.

The new design was inspired by the compactness and low weight of the lithium-ion battery. This design enabled a front-end length of only 558mm, making the EMD 115i the world’s shortest universal forklift in its class. These lithium-ion innovations represent a further success story for Jungheinrich, which continues to build its lead in mobile applications for lithium-ion batteries.

“Jungheinrich integrates the entire spectrum of leading-edge intralogistics solutions like no other company. At CeMAT we are presenting nearly our entire range of offerings – from hand pallet trucks to system solutions, from hardware to intralogistics software, from new vehicles to our JungSTARs as well as our after-sales service and financial services,” explains Dr Lars Brzoska, Jungheinrich Board of Management member in charge of Sales.

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