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Interroll’s new Spiral Lift provides optimum use of space

Interroll’s new Spiral Lift provides optimum use of space

A new Spiral Lift unit has been optimally adapted and added to the Interroll Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP). This can be used for the efficient and reliable vertical movement of an extremely wide range of goods and applications.

In production, warehouses and distribution centres, where space for material handling systems may be restricted or limited, new advances in spiral conveyor technology offer significant productivity and operational benefits. Interroll’s Spiral Lift units are designed to support high throughput and continuous, smooth vertical transfer of product in either direction.

Spiral Lifts offer maximum flexibility in handling a wide range of goods and packages, sizes and weights such as cartons, trays, tote boxes, shrink wrapped product, through to sacks.

Featuring a space saving small footprint, they provide a cost effective handling alternative to traditional incline conveyors with the additional benefits of low maintenance requirements and long operational life. Sealed and rubber-mounted ball bearings guarantee particularly quiet and energy-saving operation.

"For our customers — system integrators and plant manufacturers — expanding our range translates into making it significantly easier to plan and implement ambitious material flow solutions," said Florian Kley Global Product Manager at Interroll. "Thanks to our new Spiral Lift, we are able to make our module portfolio complete and therefore allow our customers to construct a conveying line that also works vertically — all from a single source."

The bridgeable height between the inward and outward transfer points, whose position can be selected in 45-degree increments, is a maximum of four meters if a drive is being used. Depending on the required power, the Spiral Lift can be driven by a gear or drum motor, as an option, whereby transport speeds of 0.1 to 0.5 metres per second can be achieved. The Spiral Lift from Interroll is initially being introduced with a transport width of 500 millimetres and a maximum load-bearing capacity of 30 kilograms per meter; additional sizes and versions will follow.

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