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InternetRetailing Conference highlights chainging retail landscape

InternetRetailing Conference highlights chainging retail landscape

Core Management Logistics (CML) was invited to represent the voice of third-party logistics (3PL) at the InternetRetailing Conference earlier this month. Speaking from the perspective of an end to end logistics provider, Business Development Manager, Jane Smith, discussed the challenges faced by retailers and the critical importance of customer experience.

The subject for the discussion, ‘Keeping track with innovative retailers by providing bespoke services: What do modern retailers demand and how is this fulfilled?’, not only touched on the changing retail landscape, but formed a wider conversation around technology and consumer demands on retailers. It went on to explore how the retail landscape can be personalised to ensure that retailers are able to provide customers with a bespoke experience that helps to promote loyalty, and how retailers can ensure that they uphold promises to their customers using nimble and agile 3PL solutions. It also detailed how a positive delivery experience helps to boost confidence during peak sales times such as Black Friday, and how 3PL’s keep at the forefront of technology solutions.

Industry professionals speaking alongside Smith included Peter Ward, Chief Executive of UK Warehousing Association, Karen Gibson, Senior Manager - ‘toyou’ Client Relationships at Asda, and Walter Blackwood, Omnichannel Logistics Expert at W&MB Consulting Limited. Having worked within the retail logistics industry for over 26 years, Smith used her experience to give delegates an insight into what she believes 3PL service providers need to do to support retailers in the fast-changing, consumer-driven market. She explained: “Over the last few years, CML has seen substantial growth in fulfilment needs and changes in consumer requirements including omni-channel, customer experience and personalisation, so we were delighted to represent the third party logistics category at this year’s Internet Retailing conference and give delegates an insight into the trends shaping the future of retail logistics.

“The retail landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years and continues to do so at pace. Fulfilment areas such as value added services (VAS) and returns processing play an important role in the supply chain and we predict that this is going to continue. This year’s event not only gave us an excellent forum to discuss the different trends shaping the retail industry, but it also gave us the opportunity to discuss the challenges amongst industry peers.”

The Internet Retailing conference provided decision makers in the retail industry with a platform to facilitate the decisions that define the future of the digital landscape.

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