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Innovations for Picavi’s smart glasses to be presented at CeMAT

Innovations for Picavi’s smart glasses to be presented at CeMAT

Picavi is presenting its high-tech smart glasses for warehouse logistics at CeMAT; they incorporate a new user interface and improvements to the hardware. Picavi can be found in Hall 19 on 23 – 27 April 2018.

“We’re continually developing the hardware for everyday use in the warehouse world in order to improve our picking application that features simple, intuitive controls. We call this environment, which also includes the software, the “eco-system”, and it enables the smart glasses to reach their peak performance,” says Johanna Bellenberg, director of Marketing and Communications at Picavi. “Our customers require a reliable system that is suitable for industrial use for their work in warehouses.”

In order to strengthen this “eco-system”, the company has developed its own, extremely robust cable connection. It connects the so-called Picavi Power Control, a management element for the user interface that is also equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery, with the glasses, so that the company can guarantee that the unit is completely suitable for everyday use. Picavi is also presenting a revised user interface in time for the spring trade fairs so that the information can be displayed in an even more precise and clear manner for the warehouse employees.

“This ‘assisted reality’ is ideally suitable for the huge range of processes in warehouse and production logistics,” says Johanna Bellenberg. “Our smart glasses mean that intensive searches are a thing of the past and workers have their hands free for picking operations. In the end, this accelerates all the processes – particularly in comparison with pick-by-paper or pure pick-by-voice.” Depending on which previous system was used, the increases in productivity can be up to 40 percent, if companies in the logistics sector switch to Picavi’s pick-by-vision solution. More than 50 customers from a wide variety of sectors already use Picavi in daily live operations.

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