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Infographic highlights importance of freight

Infographic highlights importance of freight

Delivery Quote Compare puts together infographic to highlight importance of air and sea freight to Britain’s position in the global economy.

British Historian Eric J. Hobsbawm once coined the phrase; “to be within reach of a port was to be within reach of the world,” and whilst this was true of the so-called “Age of Revolution” in the 18th and 19th centuries, a great deal has changed when it comes to imports, exports, border controls and the supporting backbone of the British economy…freight.It is undeniable that freight industries have been a vital part of the British economy for centuries – but just how big is their impact today?

Delivery Quote Compare, which delivers a wide range of different freight services to both businesses and customers alike; has put together an infographic to highlight just how important air and sea freight are to Britain’s position in the global economy.

Take a look at what Britain imports and exports – including intricate medical machinery, digital broadcasting equipment and lifesaving pharmaceuticals in stronomical amounts! Check out the leviathans of the freight world; the Boeing 747-8F freight airplane and the Maersk Triple E cruiser, capable of carrying 165,000 tonnes!

Some of Britain’s most popular and expensive exports include raw materials, military vehicles, intricate electronic equipment, optical medical apparatus and dazzling precious stones including gold and other metals. Even though the global banking crisis hit Britain and the rest of the world hard, freight and international delivery has been leading the economic recovery. It’s no wonder Britain was once known as the “Workshop of the World”.

Download the attachment to see the infographic in full.

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