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I.D. Systems talks smart MHE fleet management at VDI Conference

I.D. Systems talks smart MHE fleet management at VDI Conference

Following I.D, Systems’ very busy and successful few days at IMHX in September, the MHE fleet management and telematics specialists will be sponsoring and actively participating in the upcoming VDI Conference "Material Handling & Intralogistics Solutions", which takes place in Amsterdam on the 15th and 16th November.

The conference, which attracts senior delegates from Europe, the USA and Asia, addresses current developments and changes in the industrial truck and intralogistics industry and will focus on issues such as digitisation, connectivity, automation, e-commerce and data security and management.

Ute Filippone, I.D. Systems’ Business Manager EMEA & UK, is contributing to the programme with her seminar topic "Forklift Telematics and Analytics – an unbeatable combination for safety & savings" which touches on the hot topics of Big Data and the Intelligent Factory. 

This will provide comprehensive insight into the connective interplay between data collection, data communication, access restrictions and analyses of MHE fleets – also across multiple sites. It will additionally shed light on how smart MHE fleet management system solutions can offer more operational transparency, safety and productivity, whilst also reducing the costs of intralogistics.

Whatever the size of your fleet, I.D. Systems has solutions ranging from a simple driver access control product solution didBOX, which now comes with a new intelligent impact sensor, through to PowerFleet and PowerFleetIQ - a comprehensive business intelligence tool and analytics platform to drive improvement in MHE fleet operations.

With I.D. Systems’ products, safety begins before MHE equipment is on the move. Access to forklifts is restricted to authorised and trained drivers only, who are required to work through an electronic checklist of questions before they can proceed. Their given answers are transmitted in real time to the relevant departments and checked for accordance with current safety standards, thus providing immediate information on the technical status of not only individual vehicles but of the complete MHE fleet. This enables a direct response should any defects or dangers be detected.

Data communication continues during operation to monitor and ensure safety. All forklift movements, including impacts, are logged, sent and processed. In the case of an accident for example, a vehicle can immediately be put into creep mode or even withdrawn from use. The combined analyses and evaluations generated by the MHE fleet management system are graphically displayed via KPI dashboards to give a clear overview of the state of the fleet, as well as information on any technical faults on the vehicles, driver behaviour and, if appropriate, any structural weaknesses.

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