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IBCS becomes recognised Fronius service partner

IBCS becomes recognised Fronius service partner

Independent battery and charger specialists IBCS are pleased to have become recognised Fronius Service Partners for the Fronius 8 and 16 kW Selectiva range of battery charging systems, enabling them to provide an ultra-fast, first-class service to their customers.

Fronius has expanded its Fronius Service Network in the UK to improve its customer reach and has added IBCS as its second partner. Engineers at IBCS have completed the necessary training and have met the specific service structure requirements that qualify them to service and repair the Fronius products on-site in just one visit without invalidating the warranty, whilst significantly reducing downtime for the forklift truck or lift truck.

The key task of electrically powered forklift trucks in intralogistics is to move goods from A to B within a specified time. Constant availability of the three-part system comprising forklift truck, traction battery and battery charging system therefore has top priority. In the past, failure of a battery charging system always meant downtime for the forklift. Sending the unit off for service or repair, or awaiting a part is a thing of the past now that the system does not have to leave the customer’s premises, nor does it need to even be removed from its wall bracket. Due to the intelligent design of the Fronius devices and expertise of their engineers, IBCS can now replace, where necessary, the PC board or other modules in just one visit.

Charging systems for drive batteries need a special type of intelligence. Since every battery is different, the Fronius Selectiva series automatically recognises age and charge level to provide a precise charge. This increases the service life and efficiency of the battery and reduces the amount of maintenance. It is a question of intelligent technology. The proven Selectiva series with four power classes and housing versions offers a complete product range for 12, 24, 36, 48, 72 and 80 volt batteries.

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