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Hörmann UK launches new innovations for industrial market

Hörmann UK launches new innovations for industrial market

Europe’s leading door provider, Hörmann UK, is continuing to exceed the expectations of the warehousing and logistics sector with a range of new product and service launches, further enhancing its extensive industrial portfolio.

Recently unveiled at BAU 2019, the new HS 5012PU 42 S spiral door features a 215mm narrow side element, which allows for quick and easy installation, even in the tightest of spaces. Its counterbalance without springs construction also provides a service-friendly and virtually wear-free design, without comprising on the maximum speed of 1.2 m/s for opening and an impressive 0.5 m/s for closing. The door can also be operated by Hörmann UK’s innovative BiSecur radio control elements, providing safe, secure and convenient operation through its encryption protocol.

The latest HS 5012PU 42 S model is also supported by Hörmann UK’s new SmartControl system, a service offering that is compatible with all Hörmann UK high-speed doors manufactured from 2015.

Providing technical door analysis at all times, the SmartControl system is an online portal where professionals can access important door information, such as error messages or updates on door cycles and overall performance.

The programme is designed to provide cost-savings by aiding a reduction in the frequency and duration of service and maintenance visits by providing a platform that allows for proactive and proficient service planning.

The easy-to-use software also enables parts to be ordered and replaced before a breakdown occurs, significantly minimising any potential downtime that may occur due to faults or breakdowns. Faster troubleshooting can also be achieved due to online access of the door’s control, streamlining the servicing process for professionals as no software installation is required.

Phil Clark, Industrial Service Manager for Hörmann UK, said: “Continuous development of high quality, innovative products and services is a central focus for the business. We are committed to providing the most innovative solutions available to the European market and our latest high speed door and servicing offering further enhances this for both existing and potential customers.”

The latest HS 5012PU 42 S spiral door and SmartControl system will be available to the UK market from 1st March.

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