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Hörmann UK announces the first of several initiatives to help reduce its impact on the environment

Hörmann UK announces the first of several initiatives to help reduce its impact on the environment

In order to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach to manufacturing and reduce its impact on the environment, Hörmann UK, is pleased to announce that it has made significant changes to the way its products are packaged. While the leading door manufacturer currently recycles up to 94% of all its waste, the business acknowledged that there were further improvements to be made, and as a result of this, it will be putting a number of initiatives in place to help protect the environment.

The first of which will see the removal of wrapping on its range of up and over garage doors, saving approximately 225,000 sqm of polythene wrap a year, which is the equivalent to 180 Olympic-sized swimming pools or 34 football pitches. In addition to this, Hörmann UK has also started to use recyclable foam to help reduce its use of polystyrene by 70%. In just a year, this will save 228 cubic meters, which is the equivalent of three full size shipping containers worth.

As polythene wrapping and polystyrene is not biodegradable, the decision to reduce the use of both of these and stop it from going to landfill was an important decision for Hörmann UK as Paul Tomlin, Operations Manager at Hörmann UK, confirms: “With TV programs like Blue Planet highlighting the damaging effect human activity has on the planet, we felt that as a large business we have a responsibility to change our attitude towards packaging and waste. By reducing the use of polythene wrap and polystyrene in the business, we are hoping to achieve our target of 100% reduction by the middle of next year. By explaining to our staff, customers and suppliers, we are hoping it might change their mind-sets and hopefully help them reduce their impact on the environment. I’m incredibly proud of the changes we’ve made so far and we will continue to push the business towards more sustainable modes of operation through a number of initiatives that we are rolling out over the coming months.”

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