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Hörmann thinks green with 220,000 watt solar array

Hörmann thinks green with 220,000 watt solar array

Garage and industrial door manufacturer Hörmann has installed more than 800 solar PV panels on its Coalville warehouse roof in a bid to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

The 260 watt panels, which were fitted just before Christmas, have already generated more than 85 per cent of the electricity that would be used by an average UK home over the course of a year. Engineers at the factory are expecting the array to perform even better during the spring and summer months, with estimates suggesting total generation for the year will be around 179,000 kWh.

In January alone, the business has prevented just under 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Data from the array shows that the panels were even able to generate electricity in the snow.

David Newcombe, managing director at Hörmann (UK) Ltd., commented: “It’s great to see that the solar panels are already having such a significant impact on our carbon footprint. As a group, Hörmann has a strong commitment to developing more environmentally friendly operations, so this is an important step for the UK office. The electricity generated will go towards powering the equipment used within the warehouse, as well as providing lighting for our office space.”

The solar panel installation is the latest in a long line of green initiatives undertaken by the company, which won the UK Warehousing Association’s coveted Environment Award just last year. Across the group’s 16 factories, carbon emissions have been reduced by an impressive 17,600 tons each year through a variety of measures.

Hörmann’s commitment to carbon reduction is also evident in its products, with both its industrial and domestic doors offering some of the highest insulation values on the market. The company is also one of the only manufacturers in the UK to provide Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for all of its doors, so customers can easily see the environmental impact of the items they install.

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