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How sensitive work environments benefit from polymer barriers

How sensitive work environments benefit from polymer barriers

For some environments, cleanliness on the logistics chain is as important as safety – which is why McCue’s polymer safety barriers are used by so many companies in the food and drink, pharmaceutical, health and cosmetics industries.

Sensitive environments demand intelligent products – ones that not only deliver their key service (in this case, facility protection), but also contribute to the overall smooth running and cleanliness of the environment.

Keeping sensitive areas dirt and dust free is essential for any cleanliness-focused workplace – so protecting walls from chips, guarding doorways against knocks and ensuring floors do not degrade is critical.

In an ordinary environment a flexible polymer safety barrier will organise and protect a facility, but in sensitive environments it becomes a multi-functional product, elevating protection to new standards and contributing to the efficiency of the whole chain.

How? Take, for example, a steel barrier that protects the walls in a corridor used for transporting food produce via forklift trucks.

Before long the accumulated grazes and dents from collisions on the steel become a problem in themselves. Flakes and rust add unwelcome debris into the clean chain and, should a high energy impact take place, the steel may uproot from the floor – adding yet more debris and inconvenience into the mix.

Hardly a recipe for a clean, smooth-running logistics chain.

But with polymer barriers, these issues are hugely reduced. For a start, polymer does not rust, chip or dent – so there’s no need for expensive maintenance and no chance of flakes entering the clean environment.

Secondly, polymer flexes and absorbs impacts – protecting the wall, protecting your employee, protecting the equipment and ensuring the chain keeps running smoothly.

Even better, ingress points where dirt can hide are greatly reduced and the wipe-clean, non-toxic nature of the products means a warm, wet cloth leaves them looking as good as new.

What’s more, McCue’s HDPE barriers are also fit for freezer grade environments.

So where safety and cleanliness need to combine, McCue’s barriers offer the best of both worlds – premium protection that also contributes to the demands of the sensitive environment.

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