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How Flexiwall can be used in the storing of temperature sensitive products

How Flexiwall can be used in the storing of temperature sensitive products

One of the challenges in warehouse storage is dealing with temperature sensitive products, such as food and pharmaceuticals. Often, the storage of these types of products needs to be done close to other operations such as manufacturing lines or picking and packing, as more often than not delivering dual functions under the same roof is the desirable option as it’s much more efficient. Naturally, the temperature demands of sensitive products will be different to the requirements of the rest of the facility.

Similarly, within multi-storage warehouses that provide storage for various products and sometimes, different clients, it is often necessary to store different types of products at different temperatures and within close proximity to one another. Sometimes an existing customer, or new client contract drives the need for a temperature-controlled area to be created quickly and easily.

Flexiwall is designed and installed in individual light-weight fire rated material panels that are robust enough to form a permanent partition, but flexible enough to be easily reconfigured, relocated or removed as the needs of the business change.

It is a great product for creating temperature-controlled enclosures as the panels have thermal properties, and once the partition has been installed it offers an effective airtight seal, great for maintaining conditioned air flow. Flexiwall materials are also non-conductive, which leads to minimum condensation build up.

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