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Hoppecke's new traction energy system stays cool under pressure

Hoppecke's new traction energy system stays cool under pressure

Energy management specialist Hoppecke Industrial Batteries has unveiled a new, low-maintenance lead-acid traction energy system that offers key performance benefits across a variety of heavy duty applications.

A new battery concept for use in applications where currents are high in relation to battery capacity, trak \ systemizer dynamics is ideally suited to heavy duty materials handling, forestry, port logistics, airports, metals/heavy industry, agriculture/horticulture and construction.

Compliant with the requirements of the forthcoming Energy Efficiency of Industrial Trucks classification, the new system enjoys impressive power density and high cycle stability. Its high voltage level – enabled by low internal resistance – guarantees superior efficiency.

Such features are particularly important in vehicles with consistently high performance requirements, where acceleration and braking occurs during general loading, for example. The system also delivers considerably improved running times when compared with PzS batteries of the same base capacity.

Jason Howlett, Hoppecke’s Regional Managing Director – Northern Europe, says: “For a low investment our new trak \ systemizer dynamics offers an impressive, practically maintenance-free solution for demanding operations where the discharge rate is ≥ 0.8 x C.

“Rising temperatures are the enemy of heavy duty applications but our new system benefits from inherently low heat evolution, coupled with intelligent dissipation and convection cooling. Since there’s no downtime due to cooling phases, businesses can expect to see a welcome uplift in productivity.”

Depending on available space and requested capacity, an integrated on-board charger trak \ systemizer dynamics offers the flexibility to conduct opportunity charging to increase range. Thanks to the system’s excellent power reception, even short charging periods result in significant improvements in capacity. Since the battery cells can be deployed in various configuration, the system is easily installed in complex spaces.

By comparison with conventional PzS batteries, Hoppecke’s trak \ systemizer dynamics generates less heat and what it does generate is expelled efficiently, leading to important efficiencies. Due to its minimal electrical resistance, the energy system minimises the temperature that develops from the flowing current. A further advantage is cooling via convection, made possible by the battery system’s open construction, which counteracts heat build-up.

As a sealed unit maintenance is considerably lower than that required by PzS batteries and any potential for environmental damage or impact on the application is eliminated. Throughout the battery’s lifespan there is no need to refill water or service the electrochemical system by topping up fluids or removing gases, and since the trak \ systemizer dynamics contains no free electrolyte, it is leak-proof. Only straightforward functional checks are necessary and can be carried out during a truck’s scheduled service intervals.

trak \ systemizer dynamics is the latest addition to Hoppecke’s systemizer range, which also incorporates turnkey charging and changing stations, a mobile charging station for indoor and outdoor use and solutions for rail vehicles.

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