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Hoppecke launches new li-ion division

Hoppecke launches new li-ion division

The Hoppecke Group has created a new division for its lithium-ion storage technology business.

Known as Intilion, the new division was created on April 1 and is based in Zwickau and Paderborn, Germany. It oversees all Hoppecke Group activities relating to its new lithium-ion storage technology.

Hoppecke has seen huge growth in demand for its lithium-ion storage technology over recent years and continues to invest heavily in R&D capabilities in this area. The creation of Intilion GmbH, as a new, modern and agile company within the Hoppecke Group, ensures the company can focus its strategy on the future demands of the lithium-ion battery market.

Jon Bailey, managing director of Hoppecke UK, says: "In the UK, Hoppecke has the largest installer base for lithium-ion technology and the decision to create a separate division means that we can focus on the diverse needs of this growing market."

Hoppecke is well-established as a provider of lithium battery power for motive power and intralogistics operations. In addition, its lithium-ion solutions encompass emergency power and traction applications in the rail sector and innovative energy storage systems with medium to large capacity for a wide range of applications.

The main aim in creating the new division is to achieve even stronger customer loyalty and agility and thus to be able to respond even better to individual customer needs.

Jon adds: "Intilion is the partner for future-oriented lithium-ion energy storage solutions and innovative business models. In the foreground of the product portfolio are industrial traction and stationary battery storage applications".

Hoppecke has been developing and manufacturing electrochemical energy storage systems for over 90 years and is now a worldwide business with its headquarters in Brilon, Germany. In the UK, Hoppecke specialises in power supply and energy management solutions and, from its facility in Staffordshire, carries out battery assembly, sales, rental, refurbishment and servicing.

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