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"Historic Milestones of Logistics" chosen as next Logistics Hall of Fame theme

"Historic Milestones of Logistics" chosen as next Logistics Hall of Fame theme

Traditionally, one only person is inducted into the international pantheon of logistics each year. In the coming year, however, the plan is to induct as many new members as possible. The motto for the 2016 voting period for the Logistics Hall of Fame is "Historic Milestones of Logistics".

With immediate effect, associations, organisations, industry, politics, academia and the media are called upon to propose individuals who achieved a so-called milestone in logistics before the year 2000. The goal of the campaign is compile a worldwide documentation of outstanding logistics achievements – starting in fields like transport and logistics and extending through to intralogistics and information logistics.

"Historic Milestones provides us with an opportunity to underline not only the performance capability of logistics but also and above all the major importance that outstanding logistics achievements have always had for growth and prosperity," says Dorothee Bär, Logistics Coordinator of the German Government and patron of the campaign. She adds: "It is important that all logisticians around the world become involved and propose suitable candidates or indeed themselves for induction to the Logistics Hall of Fame."

An international "Historic Milestones Committee" headed by Christian Labrot, General Manager of the German Association for Business, Transport and Logistics (BWVL) in Bonn will manage the campaign and evaluate the submitted proposals. Scientific oversight for the campaign will be provided by Prof. Dr. Michael ten Hompel, Executive Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund and himself a member of the Logistics Hall of Fame. The Historic Milestones campaign will be supported by other committee members such as the worldwide logistics association IRU (International Road Transport Union) and the ELA (European Logistics Association).

Individuals or groups of people can be proposed who have advanced the development of logistics in a decisive way through a societal, organisational, technical, scientific or business management achievement. In the first selection phase, a Nomination Committee nominates the candidates from all the proposals; the names of these candidates are then submitted to the jury together with a voting recommendation.

The jury then votes to decide who will be the new inductee into the Logistics Hall of Fame. Nomination or election does not depend on occupational position or repute. The decisive factor is that the achievement was recorded before the year 2000 and has provably had positive impacts on a large group of companies or institutions. A two-thirds majority of the jury votes is required for induction into the Logistics Hall of Fame.

Peter MacLeod, editor of SHD Logistics, has recently been bestowed the accolade of being invited to join the jury of the Logistics Hall of Fame. He said: "As I approach the 10th anniversary of my appointment as editor at SHD Logistics, I am honoured to mark this career landmark by being part of the LHoF initiative. I look forward to working with other jury members to make what looks like some incredibly tough decisions.

"With such logistics industry 'greats' already voted into the LHoF, I shall focus my attention on the UK logistics industry - which I believe leads the way in many aspects - to propose some of our home-grown talent for entry to the Logistics Hall of Fame."

Proposals and applications are free of charge and can only be submitted on the Internet at The public proposal phase ends on 30th April, 2016. The names of the newly elected members will be announced at the annual Logistics Hall of Fame Gala in 2016 at the Federal Ministry of Transport in Berlin, Germany.

The Logistics Hall of Fame honours leading figures who have made outstanding efforts to promote the further development of logistics and supply chain management. The initiative is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Transport as well as the relevant international sector associations, media and companies, including the Port of Duisburg (duisport), logistics insurer Kravag, the Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone company, intralogistics provider Still, the Federal Central Cooperative for Road Transport (SVG) and the TimoCom freight exchange.

The aim of the Logistics Hall of Fame is to act as a worldwide platform to publicise the performance capability of logistics and its importance for society.

To date, 19 logisticians have been inducted into the sector pantheon. Alongside Heidi Senger-Weiss, who was elected to the LHoF in 2015, other members include:

  • Entrepreneur and logistics benefactor Klaus-Michael Kühne
  • Contract logistics pioneers Heinz Fiege and Hugo Fiege
  • Long-time President of the German Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Disposal (BGL) Hermann Grewer
  • Dortmund-based logistics researcher Michael ten Hompel
  • Long-time CEO of BLG, Detthold Aden
  • BVL founder Hanspeter Stabenau and other innovative professors

The other major figures posthumously voted into the Hall of Fame include:

  • Gottlieb Daimler, inventor of the truck
  • William Tunner, the man who organised the Berlin Airlift
  • Gottfried Schenker as a pioneer of combined transportation
  • Eugene Clark, the inventor of the fork lift truck
  • Malcom McLean, father of containerisation
  • Japanese Toyota manager Taiichi Ohno, who invented the just-in-time concept

The Hall of Fame can be accessed free of charge at any time at and features information and photos on logistics milestones and the people behind them.

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