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Highlight on Forklift Safety

Highlight on Forklift Safety

According to B&B Attachments, 133 workers were fatally injured in the UK between April 2013 and March 2014.

Employee safety, particularly when operating forklift trucks is an important issue. There are many important factors surrounding the safe practice of operating forklift trucks such as pre shift checks, wearing the correct clothing, being aware of changes to your operating environment, keeping your speed down, avoiding hazards and ensuring visibility, to name but a few.

Additionally, there are safety factors linked to the load, such as the stability and secureness of the load, the load’s distribution and weight allocation at which the truck can safely operate.

Taking all this into consideration, it becomes clear that a carefully chosen forklift attachment can be an essential factor when increasing workplace safety. Choosing the correct attachment can have a number of benefits to your working environment, including enhanced control, increased productivity and improved safe working practice. Specifically designed attachments can help to reduce risks by enabling drivers to navigate tight spaces, provide a safer operating control whilst loading and moving cargo, and ensuring a safe platform whilst working at height.

From time to time it helps to have a campaign that sets a clear focus on the issue of raising awareness of the dangers which working in this industry presents, and the importance of common sense measures ensuring that forklift operations are as safe and efficient as possible. This is something the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) has been highlighting for seven years with its successful National Forklift Safety Week campaign.

This important week, running from the 22-28 September, should be a date etched into the diary of anyone working in the materials handling industry. The focal point of this week is the National Safety Conference to be held at Warwick University on Wednesday 24 September. This conference hosts guest speakers and experts sharing up-to-date news on regulations and safety methods currently being used in the field.

B&B Attachments offer the largest range of products from a single source, providing attachment solutions for customers throughout the UK and across the world for over 30 years, and continues to build on a reputation for offering the most comprehensive aftercare service available in the attachment field.

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