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Herchenbach grows and commits to doing business in the UK

Herchenbach grows and commits to doing business in the UK

Despite concerns about prospects for economic growth, trade and customs regulations and the overall uncertain commercial landscape post-Brexit, for semi-permanent building solutions specialist Herchenbach, it is business as usual.

Whilst the likes of BMW, Airbus, Unilever, many financial firms and the large UK food retailers have been voicing fears over the impact of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, Herchenbach is committed to doing business in the UK. Recently, it has been expanding its facilities in Lancashire and continuously adding to the UK team. This comes amid a period of strong growth that has seen Herchenbach LTD UK develop all areas of its business well. It provides clear reassurance both to Herchenbach’s customers and its workforce that the company intends to continue with the strong offering of semi-permanent warehouses and temporary buildings in the UK for the long term.

Herchenbach’s UK Managing Director, Stuart Rathbone, is positive about what the future holds, saying: “The volatile exchange rates and the fact that many UK businesses are seeking to maximise flexibility in all strategic decisions have been topics we discuss every day. Despite these challenges, my team is highly committed to building our business in the UK. We are taking proactive steps to position Herchenbach LTD UK to meet these challenges.” Stuart continues “whatever the outcome of Brexit is, we intend to capitalise on our quality product range, our unique position as a manufacturer of our own structures instead of simply being a reseller, our excellent market reputation, and our dedicated workforce. We will take full advantage of the growth potential in the UK, particularly in relation to semi-permanent warehouses and temporary building solutions.”. Having registered another year-on-year revenue increase, the business aims to continuing to differentiate itself by, as until today, only offering 100% structurally sound and conform with British Building Regulation BS EN 1991 structures.

With less than a year to go before the Brexit process kicks in businesses are rightly cautious about the future. Despite some large companies choosing to relocate their headquarters, and others stalling on planned developments and growth in the face of an unstable market, Herchenbach UK is benefiting from the need of companies for quick, lower cost and lower risk alternatives to standard building constructions. Herchenbach also counts many expanding businesses to its customers. One of the major factors in business expansion is the acquisition of extra premises, whether for storage, operations or manufacture. Unless the business is in the enviable position of having an existing property portfolio they can draw on for extra space, additional premises must be found. This can be on a different site leading to a full relocation, or on the current site with a new structure.

Temporary buildings and semi-permanent warehouses for hire or sale, with their quick construction, are the ideal answer for businesses looking to expand without taking on unnecessary financial risks and loss of flexibility. A temporary structure can meet the needs of virtually any business and be installed within a few weeks of first contact. The cost savings are convincing too – typically a temporary building costs only around 50% of the traditional alternative, and most often a pre-existing hard ground substrate is sufficient for anchoring the Herchenbach temporary building. The ability to hire a temporary building as an alternative to the outright purchase obligation allows businesses to respond to the changing landscape of industries as Brexit approaches.

Herchenbach is an industry leading and trusted provider for a range of semi-permanent building solutions to capacity problems. Able to offer expert solutions to the most challenging circumstances, it is the UK’s only provider that manufactures its temporary buildings itself. This allows them to not only better understand your needs but also to provide a solution that comes directly from the manufacturer’s technical desk itself, ensuring optimal and cost-effective solutions for even the most complicated situations.

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