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Greenvale AP signs collaborative supply chain deal with IPP

Greenvale AP signs collaborative supply chain deal with IPP

Greenvale AP, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh potatoes, has continued to chip away at its competition by signing a collaborative agreement to ensure tens of millions of its products reach leading retailers in a sustainable way.

Greenvale has signed a UK and Ireland distribution agreement with Coventry-based IPP, Europe’s leading full service pooler of sustainable wooden pallets to the retail supply chain.

The agreement for more than 250,000 annual pallets was secured following a competitive tender and ensures Greenvale’s time-sensitive products, packed at Duns in the Scottish Borders and Cambridgeshire, continue to reach the UK’s major supermarket shelves in optimum time.

The pallets used are repaired and repatriated back into the supply chain to guarantee constant supply 365 days per year, a process which aligns with Greenvale’s business needs.

Leslie Myles, Greenvale’s Group Purchasing Manager, said: “We are delighted to be working with IPP and look forward to a strong relationship moving forward. The pace of our business means that we need a partner that can deliver a reliable service at speed and we are sure that IPP will deliver this”.

Phil Storer, UK and Ireland Director for IPP, said: “The potato is a little like a pallet – they are both daily staples, but ultimately end up mashed or chipped. Greenvale is a new customer to us and its continued flow of product is our main focus, as is also the case with the dozens of other leading farmers and market gardeners that we work with across Europe - it’s a partnership we hope will continue to grow.

“The next phase of our partnership development with Greenvale is to build upon the added value collaboration,” he added.

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