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Grammer brings ergonomic seating to IMHX

Grammer brings ergonomic seating to IMHX

At IMHX 2016 Grammer (Stand 12S90), an innovation and technology leader in seating systems, will present its new MSG 75 EL/741 premium seat.

It adjusts immediately and fully automatically to the operator’s weight, thus making a major contribution to preventing stresses and strain on the spine and its disks.

Practical experience has shown that when a vehicle is used by multiple drivers they often neglect to appropriately adjust the seat to suit their personal needs. Fully automatic weight adjustment rules out the risk of incorrect settings, which in the medium- to long-term may lead to health problems.

Sufficient upward and downward suspension stroke is consistently ensured. The function also constantly monitors and corrects the remaining available suspension stroke while the vehicle is in motion. As a result, the driver is always in the best possible position. Also new is a height adjustment feature that the operator can use to adjust the seat to their height (over a range of 40mm). An optional low-frequency suspension additionally ensures attenuation of vibrations and jolts to deliver even greater driving comfort.

It takes innovative technology to ensure that the work of fork lift truck operators is comfortable and ergonomic. The MSG 75 EL/741 features a reduced seat index point (SIP), thus defining a new standard for low-profile pneumatic suspensions. As a result, there is now a full-featured seat for installation on small vehicles. Wide, ergonomic seat cushions, together with the new and innovative combined adjustment of the seat cushion depth and angle, additionally support comfortable sitting.

The MSG 75 EL/741 also boasts the innovative “Dualmotion” back support. Forklift operators often have to twist around in their seats or even spend much of their time driving backward. This significantly increases their risk of suffering back pain or even injuries. The patented “Dualmotion” system from Grammer goes a long way toward removing stresses from the operator in every driving situation.

The best part of this innovation is that the upper backrest section automatically adapts to the operator’s posture when twisting around to face toward the rear, thus seamlessly providing optimal support. To ensure easy use, it was decided not to install an additional control element. Instead, the backrest intuitively and automatically adapts as the driver’s upper body rotates. This makes for more relaxed work.

Another comfort feature of the MSG 75 EL/741 is active seat climate control, which ensures an optimal temperature in any weather. This system removes body heat and sweat via the cover material and temporarily stores it in an underlying layer of activated charcoal so that the surface of the seat remains pleasantly dry. During the cold months of the year, an electric seat heating can be switched on. Optionally the seat can also be equipped with the new Grammer multifunctional armrest for fork lift trucks.

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