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GNB offers free energy consultations to unlock cost savings in your warehouse

GNB offers free energy consultations to unlock cost savings in your warehouse

Motive power battery giant GNB, a division of Exide Technologies, has announced the launch of free, no-obligation energy consultations. An expert will analyse how your warehouse operates and identify ways to reduce total cost of ownership. Companies can save up to 70% on energy bills, maximise the efficiency of their forklift fleet, and make their employees and operations more productive.

The professional, TCO-driven consultations are open to companies of all sizes, from family businesses to FTSE 100 companies. GNB explores a full range of cost-saving options, including the trend of switching away from internal combustion forklifts, the charging advantages of lithium-ion, and the productivity boost from comprehensive fleet management and battery monitoring.

Switching to electric for heavy-duty applications

[Text Box: Major logistics firm makes the switch to TENSOR Forklift manufacturer STILL selected GNB’s TENSOR batteries for a large fleet change at a major logistics firm. After a successful six-month trial, the firm switched from gas-powered to electric forklifts and has made impressive year-over-year cost savings. GNB supplied over 220 of its TENSOR batteries (80V, 840Ah) as part of the deal, one of the biggest European fleet changes in recent years. ] More and more companies are reducing total cost of ownership by switching from internal combustion to electric forklifts. At the heart of this trend are batteries such as GNB TENSOR, specially designed to excel in the heavy-duty applications once considered the reserve of forklifts with internal combustion engines.

Business can achieve many benefits by adopting electric over internal combustion forklifts. They avoid the unpredictable costs of diesel and gas, reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality for staff and minimise noise levels. Because electric forklifts are less complex, they also reduce upkeep and maintenance costs.

TENSOR was specially designed with total cost of ownership in mind. It offers fast charging, high power density and longer running times. It offers impressive energy efficiency, which leads to significant reductions in energy costs. It also offers excellent lifespan thanks to its low operating temperature, allowing capital costs to be depreciated over a longer time.

The emergence of lithium

Many forward-looking companies are switching to lithium-ion batteries. These offer many benefits over typical lead-acid, such as faster recharging, lower weight, zero gas emissions, maintenance-free design, and high cycle life. Lithium-ion also offers excellent charge efficiency of more than 98%, which reduces energy costs and environmental impact.

GNB Sonnenschein Lithium is a market-leading lithium-ion battery. It recharges around eight times faster than a typical battery, making it possible to run a 24-hour shift on a single battery. All you need are short bursts of recharging while workers take breaks. This allows businesses to eliminate the cost and complexity of keeping multiple batteries per forklift.

Charging rooms can also be removed. This allows businesses to increase their inventory or reduce the space they use. Workers also become more productive with a lithium-ion battery fleet – no time is wasted travelling to and from the charging room and swapping out batteries.

Take control of your fleet

Businesses can make substantial savings on total cost of ownership with solutions such as 2100.NET, which combines smart fleet management with comprehensive battery monitoring. Chargers are linked in a network across your entire warehouse, allowing you to monitor up to 500 chargers and batteries from a single location.

2100.NET applies a proper rotation system to your battery fleet. This increases battery lifespan, improves charging efficiency, and ensures workers get a fully charged battery each time. Remote monitoring is another major benefit. Time-consuming visits to remote locations are no longer required, and the administrative burden of overseeing hundreds of batteries is made much easier. Any faults are immediately identified, allowing batteries to be quickly serviced or replaced.

Sonnenschein Lithium makes the grade

GNB Sonnenschein Lithium passed a series of demanding tests at a large distribution centre, designed to show that three-shift operations are possible. The tests were performed for a top company in the European snack market, and were organised by GNB and German forklift manufacturer Magaziner Lager- und Fördertechnik. The results were resounding – a single battery could power a forklift around the clock, requiring just short bursts of recharging while workers took breaks.

Contact Tom Naylor on 07825 171 475 to book your free, no-obligation energy consultation. We will examine how your warehouse operates, and identify products, strategies and techniques that will reduce your total cost of ownership.

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