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GNB appoints Tom Naylor as business development manager

GNB appoints Tom Naylor as business development manager

GNB Industrial Power, a division of Exide Technologies, a global provider of stored energy solutions for the transportation and industrial markets, has appointed Tom Naylor as its business development manager. The intralogistics expert will be conducting free, no-obligation energy consultations across the UK. The consultations help companies maximise the operating efficiency of their warehouse, save up to 70% on their energy bills, and substantially reduce total cost of ownership.

As part of his consultations, Naylor will explore a full range of cost-saving options. These include the increasing attractiveness of lithium technology, the benefits of switching from internal combustion to electric forklifts powered by TENSOR, and the productivity boost available from the latest battery monitoring and management tools.

Many companies are reducing total cost of ownership by embracing GNB TENSOR. The battery is specially designed to lower operating costs, and excels in the heavy-duty applications once reserved for internal combustion forklifts. It offers fast charging and long running times, and is ideal for warehouses with multi-shift operations.

A growing number of companies are embracing lithium-ion technology, with its reduced energy costs, weight savings and high cycle life. GNB Sonnenschein Lithium, one of the most popular lithium-ion forklift batteries, recharges around eight times faster than a standard battery. This enables the same battery to be used throughout a 24-hour shift, with short bursts of opportunity charging when workers take breaks.

Companies are also turning to fleet management and battery monitoring solutions such as GNB’s 2100.NET, which allows them to monitor up to 500 batteries and chargers from a single location. It offers multiple benefits to productivity, and greatly reduces the administrative burden of managing a large battery fleet.

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