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Global trade, seamless operations & the placement of data

Global trade, seamless operations & the placement of data

In  this exclusive interview, we ask logistics entrepreneur, Marc Cowan, about how he has challenged outdated way of thinking.

SHD: What are the challenges facing the logistics industry in 2017?

Marc Cowan: As the world continues to change, due to new policies and ideas being introduced across the world, it creates uncertainly and confusion. When shipping products internationally, these occurrences can have a profound effect and make it harder to plan the most cost effective ways of working in global trade. As technological advances continue to develop, it’s vital to ensure these technologies can communicate with each other across the various companies involved. Finally, it’s important the correct training is in place to provide knowledge and expertise for these new technologies, so that workers can utilise them effectively.

SHD: How does your approach challenge outdated ways of thinking?

Marc Cowan: I grew up in the digital era, and started a company which provides web services. I encountered some problems when my data was compromised early in my career. However, this whole experience led to me having a wide and varied knowledge of technology which could be utilised across various fields. Focusing my energy towards my passion of logistics, I was able to incorporate my knowledge of new technologies, which may have been unknown or missed by others. I combined my understanding of different concepts together, which in turn lead to my creation of breakthroughs, and successes.

Marc Cowan, VP Operations and Logistics, Dolphin

Marc Cowan is known as the logistical entrepreneur, having created multiple breakthroughs across various sectors, such as the logistical placement of data and it’s security, the distribution of consumer products featured on the popular TV program Shark Tank and the transportation of tropical fish across the globe.  Having risen to the top of his field due to his substantial contributions and spoken about in major publications such as The Huffington post, Marc continues to impact the world of logistics by focusing on the finer details, that others may have missed.

Marc has been awarded a fellowship at the Institute of Supply Chain Management and been recognised as the highest ranking member for his age in the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transportation. Finally he’s received awards from prestigious UK institutions for his contribution and been officially nominated for the Logistics 100 within SHD Logistics.

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