Gideon Hillman Consulting invests in specialist CAD software

November 09, 2009 by Peter MacLeod
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Gideon Hillman Consulting invests in specialist CAD software

Materials handling and supply chain management specialist consultancy Gideon Hillman Consulting Ltd (which also achieved ISO9001:2008 accreditation in January 2009) has enhanced its already well proven warehouse & MHE planning service to clients through the introduction of in-house CAD facilities.

The investment into specialist CAD planning software allows the warehouse development team to provide clients with bespoke and detailed scale plan view drawings, exploded 3D representations of the plan in full or in part, and an automatically generated complete bill of equipment to enable racking and MHE suppliers to provide accurate quotations for supply and installation.

"The CAD software is an excellent tool enabling precise planning and costing, provided it is combined with the specialist expertise of our warehouse and materials handling team, as a detailed knowledge and understanding of what is actually required to operate an efficient warehouse is paramount in order to ensure the correct output,” says managing director Gideon Hillman FCILT. “At a time when many companies are looking to optimise every bit of space and materials handling equipment in their warehouse and packing facilities, rather than increasing spend unnecessarily, we are pleased to have invested both the money and time into any tool that provides added value to our clients.”

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The CAD software, capable of assisting planning from simple single storey building racking layouts to more complex multi level facilities with automated handling conveyors, is already being used on client projects by the specialist team, all who have had many years’ warehouse and operational logistics management experience across a range of industry sectors.

Gideon Hillman Consulting Ltd continues to provide comprehensive warehouse and MHE planning expertise, now aided by the in-house CAD software capabilities. The ability to easily change drawings gives their clients a choice of layouts to optimise workflows, enabling them to develop their warehouse processes and standard operating procedures in line with supply chain and logistics strategy requirements.

Fig 1 (top): Warehouse & Packing Area - Plan View and 3D Representation

Fig 2 (above, left): Mezzanine Floor with conveyor system



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