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General Election: "Sensible move" says Europa MD

General Election: "Sensible move" says Europa MD

Andrew Baxter, the MD of £100m turnover independent logistics business Europa Worldwide Group – and a firm supporter of both Brexit and PM Theresa May – gives his reaction to this week's announcement of a snap General Election on 8th June.

“I was pleased when Theresa May was appointed PM and I believe since then she has brought the country together in the run-up to triggering Article 50, maintaining a calm and measured approach to negotiations with the EU. This is exactly what the country needed in a time of speculation and scaremongering from some politicians and business leaders.

“While Mrs May’s announcement is somewhat of a surprise, I believe a general election will give her and her party the chance to win further support from the electorate and will allow them to further demonstrate on the world stage (given the inevitable amount of media coverage of the election) how confident they are in their plans for Brexit.

“What we need now is a strong, unified party leading the country, which speaks to and connects with all sectors of society and shows it has clear and strategic plans in place on overseas trade, foreign policy and of course implementing Brexit.

“To date, the PM has done well in binding together the Conservative party and presenting a united front. There will always be disagreements on a topic as broad and detailed as Brexit – but we’ve seen her navigate these well so far.

“If she gains a comfortable majority on 8th June, I’m sure she will continue to reassure the public with a steady approach to leaving the EU as the months unfold. Stable government is critical during periods of momentous change and I believe a general election is the right and necessary decision from the PM to cement the progress she’s made since her appointment.”

Europa Worldwide Group employs around 600 people across 11 sites in the UK plus Hong Kong and is represented in 100 countries.

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