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GEFCO Appoints Valérie Floridia as Director

GEFCO Appoints Valérie Floridia as Director

GEFCO Group has appointed experienced Director, Valérie Floridia, to support in the management of the GEFCO Innovation Factory. Launched in 2018, the internal incubator offers employees worldwide an opportunity to propose and develop innovative ideas to help drive GEFCO’s growth.

Valérie Floridia will reinforce GEFCO’s innovation team with her 15 years of experience at major industrial companies such as Renault and EDF in France, Germany and the United States.

“I’m delighted to be working with GEFCO teams to develop our innovation ecosystem and invent the supply chain of the future,” she explained.

As Director of the GEFCO Innovation Factory, Valérie will be responsible for encouraging new ideas and helping convert them into fully operational projects that will strengthen the group's expertise.

Created in 2018 to unleash internal creativity, the GEFCO Innovation Factory is open all year long, enabling candidates to submit their projects at any time to a screening committee of internal experts who select the most promising concepts. Shortlisted teams are then invited to Paris to pitch their innovative ideas at the Explorathon, a two-day event designed to challenge and accelerate projects with the potential to support the group’s business and drive growth.

Two Explorathon events were conducted over the past few months, where nine teams of GEFCO colleagues have explored innovative solutions on 3D printing, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

“I was impressed by the candidates and projects presented at the second Explorathon a few weeks after I arrived at GEFCO. I’m convinced we have the talent and expertise required to become a leader in future supply chains,” Valérie added.

Leveraging innovation everywhere

At the same time, GEFCO is pursuing a range of other innovation initiatives to reinforce its business units and explore new markets.

In particular, the group is building on its partnership with start-up accelerator Techstars to work with various start-ups specialising in key business areas that can take customer experience or operational efficiency to the next level. Priorities include transport and route optimisation, predictive maintenance solutions coupled with track and trace capabilities, new data services and robotic process automation.

GEFCO also plans to improve its support functions through solutions including finance process automation, collaborative client/supplier onboarding, smart contract management and intelligent chatbots.

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