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FUTURE SKILLS: Maritime invests in Bradley

FUTURE SKILLS: Maritime invests in Bradley

Maritime Transport Ltd (Maritime) continues to lead the industry with the recruitment of the next generation of logistics sector workers.

At a Freight Trade Association (FTA) Skills Summit conference in March 2016, 16-year-old Bradley Hunt gave a speech on the industry in front of over 400 delegates.

Maritime were so impressed with his passion for the industry that managing director John Williams made contact with Bradley and after some initial discussions offered him a role with the company once he’d finished school.

On the 4th July, Bradley started as a trainee transport operator at the company’s Tamworth depot.

Bradley explains about what his role entails: “There’s a variety of aspects to my job. My main role is to plan our vehicles so that they’re where they need to be to meet our customers’ needs. I also spend a lot of time on the phone with both our drivers and our customers to make sure deliveries arrive on time.”

Bradley who is sponsored by the FTA has recently passed the Transport Manager CPC and is now the youngest person to ever hold the qualification. But his aspirations don’t stop there.

“I’d like to be the youngest driver in the country with a Class 1 and 2 licence and also become a Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics and Transport. I see myself in 10 or 15 years’ time as a Transport Manager and I’d like to reach director level before I retire.”

Why the transport industry and why Maritime in particular?

“My dad was a Corporal in the Royal Transport Corps so that’s where my interest sparked from. I like the atmosphere at Maritime, the fact that the owner of the company knows everyone by name and you’re really appreciated. The company is very successful and there’s been a good level of growth, it’s clear to see the company is going places.”

Mike Alcock, Area Manager - Maritime Transport, added: “We were really impressed with Bradley’s enthusiasm for the industry and to be able to speak in front of 400 people at 16 years old shows that he’s determined. Although he’s only been with us a short time, he’s starting to show that he’ll be a real asset to us and the industry.”

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