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The future of flight: realise the potential of drones this International Civil Aviation Day

The future of flight: realise the potential of drones this International Civil Aviation Day

The glitz and glamour of international jet-setting has long overshadowed the prominence of air cargo for the world economy. The obsession with next day delivery from sites such as Amazon and eBay would simply not be possible without aviation; however revolutionary drone technology is set to change the game forever.

International Civil Aviation Day (7th December 2017) seeks to celebrate the world which aviation has facilitated, from globalisation to the interconnectivity we all now take for granted. This year’s theme is ‘Working Together to Ensure No Country is Left Behind’, a reference to the role for aviation in economic and social development. Indeed, the sector supports 62.7 million jobs worldwide, while over 100,000 flights are made each day.

However, numerous regions across the world do not reap the rewards of aviation, due largely to substantial fixed costs and the lack of modern transport infrastructure. Drone technology has the answer and developments in Canada suggest that governments are giving this issue the attention it deserves. Drone Delivery Canada, a Toronto-based technology company, is preparing for the launch of the first commercial drone delivery service in the country. Testing is well underway, with the end goal of improving access to basic goods and supplies for communities located in remote areas. In this case, drones could act as the perfect alternative to road transportation and costly traditional aviation methods.

Commenting on the role of drone technology for the future of aviation, Robert Garbett, Founder and CEO of Drone Major Group, said: “As we move into the most exciting era of the modern age, it is easy to imagine skies filled with small flying drones delivering parcels, but the truth is far more likely and far more exciting and the key is the evolution of airspace management. Imagine a future where global airspace is no longer managed in a rigid 'airspace corridor' way purely for the benefit of commercial and military aircraft but in a continuously flexible and dynamic way for the benefit of all. An airspace populated with vertical columns used by aircraft making sub space jumps, shifting geo-routes allowing passenger drones to pass safely at any altitude and shifting geo-fences protecting manned routes and high value assets.  The sky above us is an untapped sea of air which will have incredible value as the drone industry expands its operations into the future.  As data is the new oil, airspace will be the new gold.”

Drone Major Group seeks to connect the key players within the global drone revolution, from private operators to manufacturers and everything in between. Central to the business is Drone Major, a portal which facilitates such industry connectivity.


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