FTA comments on latest Brexit announcements

December 06, 2018 by Kirsty Adams
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FTA comments on latest Brexit announcements

Sarah Laouadi, European Policy Manager at the FTA, comments following announcements by the DFT and DExEu over the past 24 hours.  

“If the UK’s complex supply chain is to be protected, and the nation is to keep on trading efficiently after Brexit, it is vital that a deal is reached with the EU.  So much of the nation’s continued economic success depends on the maintenance of a successful, resilient supply chains, but a no deal Brexit would come with drastic restrictions on road haulage, as well as new customs declarations, duty payments, conformity checks and other inspections at the EU border. These would severely hamper the movements of goods in the event of a No Deal outcome.  This is simply not an option for the logistics and supply chain managers who Keep Britain trading.  To make sure the country has the goods and services it needs, the Withdrawal Agreement must be ratified by MPs on 11 December, to provide a Transition Period in which to negotiate a new free trade agreement and continue the frictionless arrangements we currently operate under.  A no deal Brexit will dramatically hinder trade, and bringing Britain’s trade to a halt is not an option.”


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