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Fowler Welch partnership with FareShare sees 2 million surplus meals saved from waste

Fowler Welch partnership with FareShare sees 2 million surplus meals saved from waste

More than 2 million meals have been saved from waste and diverted to people in need thanks to a partnership between logistics and haulier experts Fowler Welch and the UK’s largest food redistribution charity.

Fowler Welch joined forces with FareShare in August 2016 in a bid to reduce food waste across the supply chain. After noticing a number of its customers were looking to redistribute their surplus food to charity but struggled with the logistics, Fowler Welch developed a system whereby food companies could add their surplus onto their usual collection, thus reducing waste without creating extra work.

FareShare redistributes quality surplus food to almost 10,000 charities and community groups across the UK - including domestic violence refuges, school breakfast clubs and homeless shelters – which provide nutritious meals as part of their support and services. Currently, FareShare helps to feed an estimated 17,000 people experiencing food insecurity each week.

Fowler Welch has also deepened the partnership by introducing 37 suppliers to FareShare’s network of 21 Regional Centres, growing the charity’s impact and helping to define a simple, effective and cost free process for more food partners to donate surplus goods in the future.

The continued support has helped FareShare redistribute nearly 17,000 tonnes of good to eat surplus food in the last year - equivalent to over 36 million meals – which are served by charities and community groups in over 1,500 cities, towns and villages in the UK.

Lindsay Boswell, FareShare CEO, said: “Working with Fowler Welch has been absolutely game-changing for FareShare. Not only have they helped us get more food out to people who need it, they’ve brought their customers on board too, helping us get a greater range of surplus food into our network.

“Because Fowler Welch often visit food companies every day, they’re able to offer a much quicker turnaround time for surplus, which means we can access more of the fresh healthy food, such as chilled meats and fruit and veg, that our charities really value. Reaching the two million meals milestone is a terrific achievement, and testament to Fowler Welch’s commitment to tackling waste by diverting good food to good causes.”

Nick Hay, CEO of Fowler Welch, said: “Since starting the partnership with FareShare, we’ve seen continued success and interest from our customers, which doesn’t seem to be slowing down with 36 suppliers currently on board. We’re incredibly proud of the role we’ve played in helping FareShare deliver over two million meals to vulnerable people across the country.

“With food waste being a big issue for producers right now, having an opportunity like this which allows them to put surplus product to good use in their local area and beyond, it’s a no brainer. We would urge as many food producers as possible to get involved in this brilliant initiative and are looking forward to seeing where the partnership goes next.”

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