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Fowler Welch launches video channel: industry experts interviewed

Fowler Welch launches video channel: industry experts interviewed

Supply chain specialist Fowler Welch is launching a dedicated company YouTube channel focusing on the big issues affecting the supply chain.

The YouTube channel has been commissioned by Fowler Welch to help inform industry knowledge and debate on key industry topics such as the changing face of the retail landscape and sustainability in the supply chain.

In the first of the four Industry Insight broadcasts, Ed Garner, communications director of Kantar Worldpanel, offers his views on current and future retail trends. In the interview Ed predicts further growth for the discounters but also highlights the opportunities for the Big Four to fight back.

The series will also feature an interview with Alice Ellison, environment policy advisor for the British Retail Consortium, who offers insights into how sustainability is affecting the supply chain and how organisations should respond.

Commenting on the Industry Insight initiative, Nick Hay, Fowler Welch managing director, said: “There are many pressures and trends affecting the supply chain, we wanted to be able to give our customers and partners access to the thoughts and opinions of leading commentators.

“I’m confident viewers will find these interviews a valuable resource that will help them better understand the issues and respond accordingly.”

Hay added: “We are delighted to have Ed Garner as our first interviewee. Ed is a highly-regarded commentator and has vast experience in the grocery sector.”
The first interview is brought to you alongside this article. Additional interviews will be launched over the coming months with industry topics such as simplifying business chains and planning for peak demands being addressed. Each video will look to build upon the previous one, by highlighting a different aspect of the supply chain, culminating in a channel that will offer a concise and objective view on the retail and grocery sector.


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