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Fleet operators benefit from Linde’s new service manager app

Fleet operators benefit from Linde’s new service manager app

Linde Material Handling has launched a new service manager app which helps streamline the communication service process for fleet operators.

The mobile application allows service orders to be initiated around the clock and keeps users up to date on the current order status.

This app shows users the current status of their service request including:

- When the technician is expected to arrive,
- An overview of all current service requests,
- The operating status of individual trucks,
- Any upcoming maintenance appointments.

If a forklift failure occurs, the operator can open the app and select the relevant model from the fleet list or scan the QR code attached to the vehicle which allows them to describe the defect or upload photos.

This information is then sent to the fleet manager, who can forward it to the Linde service staff if required.

Once repairs are completed, the fleet manager receives a detailed repair report.

Users can also send a message along with the service order to notify the technician if the service is particularly urgent and needs to be prioritised.

Susanne Rohe oversees developing smartphone solutions at Linde Material Handling. She said: “The new Linde service manager app demonstrates we are consistently using the advantages resulting from digitisation.

“Service orders are entered once and then electronically routed through to completion. This enables us to speed up our processes, making them transparent and ensuring even better service quality as a result.

“Transparency is extremely important for fleet managers as it allows them to know exactly which trucks are available so they can plan assignments accordingly.

“At Linde, it’s important that forklift failure is met with a streamlined service process so fleet managers are fully informed throughout the service process and technicians can manage trucks effectively.”

The service manager app is available for both Android and iOS and can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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