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Five top tips on buying a refurbished forklift truck

Five top tips on buying a refurbished forklift truck

The Jungheinrich Ready to Go dedicated forklift refurbishment plant in Dresden was established in 2006 to produce some 1600 trucks a year across Jungheinrich’s full product range. In 2010 the facility underwent a substantial investment programme and capacity rose to 4000 units.

In September 2015  further investment has just been completed giving the Dresden facility a capability to refurbish some 6500 trucks per year, with the possibility of that figure rising to 8000 forklifts in the future.

Before the Dresden plant it would take a considerable number of hours to refurbish a truck in any workshop. Now, with the efficiencies of a production line approach the Dresden facility is able to give a second-life to a truck in a fraction of those hours and to a far higher quality standard.

At Dresden each truck coming into the plant goes through six quality-controlled processes. Firstly, it is evaluated, where engineers assess and order replacement parts where needed. Then a specialist, dedicated team will completely dismantle the truck.

It will be cleaned down and the mast will go to a specialist mast refurbishment area - similarly, motors go to a dedicated area. All panels are taken off the vehicle and are sandblasted and repainted. Then the chassis, in its raw state, goes into a preparation bay where it is also sandblasted and painted. From here the chassis moves into the assembly area where the truck is reassembled as new and then checked for quality and safety.

At Jungheinrich we believe we supply second-life forklift trucks that cannot be differentiated from new – other than by the price.

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