Finalist interviews: GEFCO on Wellbeing

September 10, 2019 by Kirsty Adams
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Finalist interviews: GEFCO on Wellbeing

On 26 September the winners of The Logistics Awards will be announced at the Vox, Resorts World Birmingham. We interviewed some of our finalists ahead of the big event. In the following interview, Wellbeing finalist Gefco discusses 'Wellbeing Wallets' and mental health packs.

Why is it important to keep our staff healthy?

Our employees’ lives don’t just revolve around their jobs. It’s important that they have the flexibility to enjoy healthy, active lifestyles alongside their work and feel able to achieve a good work-life balance, which can also deliver a very positive impact on productivity across the business.

Can you provide an example of wellbeing best practice at your organisation?

We have issued all our employees with ‘Wellbeing Wallets’, mental health packs which include ten QR code-friendly contact cards for a range of organisations supporting people with their mental and physical health, including BUPA, Change4Life and Couch to 5K.

We also run ‘know your numbers’ workshops to help employees become more aware of the significance of factors like their BMI, blood pressure and physical age so that they can make more informed decisions about their lifestyles.

We also provide optional services including an Employee Assistance Scheme that provides family mediation, financial counselling and helps with a range of challenges each of us might face, such as bereavement.

What will our workforce look like in ten years? How should businesses prepare when it comes to wellbeing?

The workforce is only going to become more mobile and flexible in the next few years. Businesses need to be prepared to offer true flexibility and ways of working which allow people to fit their jobs around their lives, choosing working patterns and structures that work best for them.

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