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Fabric partition wall outweighs solid wall benefits

Fabric partition wall outweighs solid wall benefits

When looking to segregate a warehouse or manufacturing space, there are alternative options to a solid wall. One option is Westgate’s Flexiwall, a semi-permanent fabric partition, which has many benefits:

  1. Adaptable to change: This semi-permanent partition is designed to be in place for as long as required but with the flexibility to be reconfigured, relocated or removed – perfect for use in multi-storage warehouses or factories susceptible to change and development.
  2. Quick installation: A fabric partition takes less time to install than a solid partition meaning less downtime on production and operational schedules.
  3. Minimum installation mess: Flexiwall is made from pre-designed and manufactured fire rated PVC panels, which create minimal mess during installation. This reduces clean-up costs and time.
  4. Ideal for rented space: There are often limitations to the type of construction work that can be carried out in rented spaces. Flexiwall is non-structural so can be installed and removed (if required) without causing damage to the building.
  5. Maximise floor space: Flexiwall is just millimetres thick, lightweight and suspended using existing structures. This results in a partition that takes up very little floor space, ideal for between racking.
  6. Cost-effective: Because of the materials used, the quick and easy installation reducing downtime, and the ability to be reconfigured to meet changing requirements, Flexiwall is an extremely cost-effective solution.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a solid wall, contact us at Westgate and ask about Flexiwall:

+44 (0)1785 242181                                                                         

[email protected]

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