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Express Snoot streamlines loose-load cargo

Express Snoot streamlines loose-load cargo

The new Express Snoot from Caljan reduces turn-around time for retailers and other companies handling loose-loaded cargo.
Developed exclusively for use with Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyors, this remarkable unit makes light of loading and unloading vehicles of any size. The operator can empty or load rapidly and ergonomically throughout the shift — enabling increased capacity and speedier delivery.

Moving up and down — and from left to right — Express Snoot is just where it needs to be: right next to the operator. Parcels are eased onto the conveyor belt with short, ergonomic movements. Express Snoot can elevate to an angle of 15°. Parcels can be placed at height, utilising the whole of the vehicle and saving on transport costs.

When the fleet includes vans and similar small vehicles, the Snoot can be lowered below floor level to an angle of -25°. This flexibility means vehicles of any size can be served through standard loading bay doors.

In addition to moving up and down, Express Snoot can pivot at angles of ±25°, which means the operator doesn’t waste time moving around inside the vehicle. Tests have shown that Express Snoot makes the loading or unloading process more efficient and less strenuous.

Using both hands, the operator is able to move parcels continuously to and from the conveyor. Minimal lifting is required as Express Snoot is right alongside the operator. Working intuitively the operator just nudges the unit into place with a hip, shoulder, knee or elbow.

Three robust nudge buttons are placed on both sides of Express Snoot, which makes it easy for two operators to work in unison. Either operator is able to pull Express Snoot over to his/her side of the vehicle or nudge it over to the opposite side.

The unique method of moving Express Snoot means the operator works consistently within their power zone, i.e. between the knee and shoulder. Boxes and packages are eased onto or off the belt with minimal effort and almost no lifting. The high-grip belt holds the package firmly in place as it moves across the pivot and over to the Telescopic Conveyor, or in the opposite direction if the team are loading.

Express Snoot can be fitted with a leveller that automatically compensates for the angle of the Snoot. Placing parcels on a flat surface when unloading further improves the work environment.

In addition to the standard Caljan safety features, such as full under-guarding and brilliant lighting, Express Snoot is fitted with sensors that prevent it knocking into the sides of the container. Sensors at the front of the unit make sure it stops as close to the cargo as possible when nudged. When moving from side to side, a locking mechanism keeps Express Snoot securely in place between movements.

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