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Experience Westgate's Flexiwall partition with VR

Experience Westgate's Flexiwall partition with VR

Virtual reality or VR is the latest buzzword in the world of technology and it has been predicted that the market could to be worth somewhere in the region of £64bn-£145bn by 2025.

It’s therefore not surprising that many companies such as Westgate are choosing to adopt this technology early, providing clients with a try-before-you-buy experience.

David Collins-Lafferty, Westgate’s marketing manager, commented: “Like many other products that are large in scale, Flexiwall partitioning is one of those products that you cannot simply show a potential client, at least not without them getting into the car and travelling to another location. We wanted to be able to take what was traditionally a flat two-dimensional picture and give our clients something better, where they could experience the product, see the scale and make a better informed decision. VR gives us that ability and we’re very excited by the prospect."

Westgate describes Flexiwall as the industry-leading partitioning solution, and says its unique design has benefited many clients by reducing dust, managing temperature, controlling noise and preventing cross contamination. Furthermore, it minimises the familiar problem of disruption and downtime when compared with other traditional partitioning methods. Clients have included NFT Distribution, Great Bear and Royal Mail.

Westgate has also invested in a downloadable app which can be viewed through any compatible VR headset. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, notifications of updates will be sent direct to your smartphone so you’ll know when an update is available to view.
Westgate’s short-term plan is to develop and upgrade the level of interaction and detail in the current model. Future plans will see the company moving into 360° case studies, which will showcase its products in live environments. In time, it plans to start adding more products from the range and, possibly, some training guides.

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