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Exclusive election comment: GS1 UK, Century Logistics, Crimson & Co

Exclusive election comment: GS1 UK, Century Logistics, Crimson & Co

We ask the industry for exclusive comments on the upcoming election.

Jim Spittle, chairman, GS1 UK
“ The outcome of the General Election will have little immediate impact on the logistics sector. Depending on the outcome and which party has the majority, the priority, will be to formulate the Brexit exit negotiations. In regards to logistics, the immediate focus should be directed at free movement of import/exports along with a reduction and hopeful improvement to border control and the cutting of custom red tape.

"There are justifiable concerns about the potential impact on increased tariff demands which will, potentially, have a detrimental impact on UK PLC. At GS1 UK, we recently surveyed 1000 British member businesses to draw up an agenda for facilitating cross border trade post our exit from the EU with some interesting and surprising outcomes detailed below. Interestingly the survey revealed that barrier-free trade with the EU ‘is far more important than restricting the free movement of people.’

• 66% think the Government should tackle Britain’s transport infrastructure – including airport expansion – ‘as a matter of urgency.’
• 66% want the Government to work towards the elimination of customs duties
• 62% want the Government to lower corporation tax to 12.5% - similar to Ireland
• 59% of British businesses want to see better access to export financing for SMEs
• 58% think the Government should introduce export tax credits
• 55% want the Government to allow the free movement of labour from the EU to continue
• 47% agree that the UK should slash EU red tape – only 25% disagree

Stephen Basey-Fisher, managing director, Century Logistics
“Whatever result the election brings the main challenges to our industry will still come from the Brexit negotiations. We need the new government to have a positive and clear approach to both the exit plan and trade agreements.  Hopefully this will also help the value of the pound which is still the single most important factor for our customers and ultimately ourselves. However I’m sure that those companies who focus on the future and adapt and embrace the changes will be the ones that continue to prosper.”

Nick Miller, head of FMCG, Crimson & Co
“ We need a result that places importance on negotiating a beneficial Brexit deal to ensure the ease of British businesses working and trading with global companies with certainty. UK businesses tend to have supply chains which encompass imports from, and exports to, EU and global countries, so this should be a clear priority in any negotiations with the EU.”

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